Training & Immersion Classroom

Supporting family well-being and the ongoing learning and development of children and their caregivers.

Teacher from the training and immersion classroom seated amongst students and parents

Towson University's Training & Immersion Classroom is a partnership between Dr. Kay Holman from the Department of Special Education and the Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) Infants and Toddlers Program. The partnership affords opportunities for engagement with the children, families, and professionals from our local community school system while enhancing the learning opportunities for our future educators.

“ Our field is at a turning point where it is vital to create training programs that allow both pre-service and in-service educators to receive hands-on training and guided reflection of their practice in order for their teaching to be as effective as possible. ”

Kay Holman

The Training & Immersion Classroom provides:

  • Effective early intervention for young children with social communication impairments.
  • Families with a strong foundation for developing skills and achieving positive outcomes.
  • Hands-on learning for Towson University students.
    Professional development to BCPS teachers.

For Educators

The partnership creates immersion training opportunities for Towson University pre-service students as well as in-service educators in Baltimore County to be coached on implementation of evidence-based practices within the classroom. The program also extends the knowledge gained from students' coursework into their teaching practice.

For Families

The BCPS Infants and Toddlers Program runs two of its early intervention groups for young children with social communication impairments in the Training & Immersion Classroom on campus. While services are provided to children, parents participate in the TIES Family Engagement Program facilitated by Dr. Holman. Families are engaged in discussions, provided resources and training, and empowered to be their child's best advocate.

Observe the Program

TU Students can observe on their own or through a course assignment. Additionally, we invite professors to contact us directly to discuss learning opportunities related to their course content. If you have questions or would like to observe the program, please email . We will work with you to schedule an observation and provide any additional information about the program.