Reading Clinic

The TU Reading Clinic helps families and participants develop literacy skills for learning and enjoyment.

All Are Welcome to Apply! 

Participants of any age are encouraged to join us. If you or your family member have a learning difference, are lagging behind peers, are reluctant to read, or simply want to improve reading confidence, we can help.

Our team members are experienced classroom teachers in the final stages of the graduate reading education program to become reading specialists. Although they come from diverse backgrounds, they all share a passion for literacy instruction.

What We Offer

  • Success-oriented, research-based motivational techniques
  • One-hour sessions of one-on-one evaluation and tutoring
  • Home activities and family workshops to reinforce learning in fun, engaging ways
  • A lending library of books and magazines
  • A list of recommendations at the end of the semester
  • Opportunities to discuss concerns with educational professionals and other families


  • For Fall and Spring semesters, a fee of $100.00 is due at the first session. This covers an entire semester of tutoring.

Contact Information

Email the clinic at or apply above.

Shelly Huggins, Ed.D.
Reading Clinic Director
Hawkins Hall, Room 201M
Department of Elementary Education
College of Education