Maryland Writing Project

The Maryland Writing Project, housed in Towson University's College of Education since 1981, is a site of the National Writing Project. We are a teacher-driven professional development organization, where the area's best educators gather to research, teach and practice the most effective methods of teaching writing and using writing as a learning tool.

The Maryland Writing Project believes that teachers are the best teachers of other teachers. Our mission is to identify, train and support excellent teachers so that they can share their knowledge and experience in writing instruction and writing to learn methods. These teacher-consultants research, develop and share best writing practices in order to effect change in their classrooms, schools, and school systems.

What We Offer

With its network of over five hundred teacher-consultants, teaching across the state, the Maryland Writing Project offers a source for the most recent developments in writing instruction, but the practical application of these developments in the actual classroom.

In addition to our Invitational Summer Institute, which brings together teachers recognized for their excellence in the classroom to research writing instruction and develop their own writing, the Maryland Writing Project offers opportunities for custom-fitted professional development,through inservice programs and course offerings. We also offer writing opportunities for the community, such as our Student Writers' Workshop in the summer.