Microsoft Project 2019 Course

From the construction industry to the information technology sector, project managers are using Microsoft Project to plan, track, and collaborate on business projects.

Quick Details

Microsoft Project is among the most popular project management software tools on the market. Project 2019 skills apply across a wide variety of industries, from construction to manufacturing to information technology and beyond. This course will help to keep your project management skills up to date with the functions and processes Microsoft Project 2019 uses to help you manage high-level projects.

Course Format: Self-paced, online

Total Hours: 120 hours

Program Duration: Must be completed in six months

Tuition: $1,999

Materials: Tuition includes all course materials including Mastering Project 2019 StepByStep

This course is WIOA approved and is on the Maryland Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL).

This course is delivered by our education partners at ed2go.

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More About This Course

Microsoft Project 2019 is considered a fully integrated project management tool. It provides a platform that project managers can use to plan, initiate and manage projects. Its functions help manage tasks and task responsibilities, timelines and budgets. It enables team communication, progress reporting and troubleshooting as projects unfold.

Like many software applications, Microsoft is moving its project management tools into the cloud environment. However, the Project 2019 desktop application remains a potent force among project management tools. Project 2019 is a mainstay for managing projects in companies and organizations of every size and type.

What you will learn:

  • Using Microsoft Project to plan, implement, and track project performance
  • Identify various Microsoft Project elements and functions to enhance schedule development
  • Examining implemented project schedules to assess progress and take corrective action
  • Preparing and communicating project information using views and reports
  • Identifying how to manage master projects using shared resources
  • Complete a capstone project to add to your professional portfolio
  • Understand Microsoft Project's new functions and features
  • Earn training hours for PDUs to maintain your PMI qualified certifications

Job outlook for Microsoft Project 2019

  • Project managers are in demand. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), demand for project managers between now and 2027 is expected to far exceed the supply of well-trained and productive project managers.
  • Across seven project sectors, including industry, non-profit and government - and due to an aging project management workforce, as many as 22 million new project managers may be needed by 2027.
  • With its extensive functionality and capability to manage multiple projects, Microsoft Project 2019 is rated by PC Magazine as the “best option” for teams that manage large, complex projects. According to, these top- tier project managers earn around $74,365 per year.

Module 1. Course Introduction

  • Project in Action
  • Getting Setup

Module 2. Establishing A Good Project Management Foundation

  • Documentation
  • The Scope Statement
  • Understanding your Project Deliverables
  • The Work Breakdown Structure (Wbs)

Module 3. Schedule Terminology and Methodology

  • Scheduling Terms and Concepts
  • Schedule Analysis
  • Understanding Float

Module 4. Navigating To Ms Project 2019

  • Ribbon Menu Navigation
  • The Backstage View
  • Templates

Module 5. Ms Project Terminology

  • Views
  • Resource Views
  • Tables
  • Forms

Module 6. Understanding Default Settings

  • The Purpose of Default Settings
  • Finding Default Settings
  • File>Options>Schedule
  • File>Options>Save

Module 7. Setting Up Calendars

  • Base Calendars
  • Resource Calendars
  • Task Calendars
  • Tips and Guidelines

Module 8. Task Terminology & Creating Task List

  • Tasks Defined
  • More Tasks Defined
  • Creating a Task List
  • Organizing your Tasks

Module 9. Schedule Development

  • Types of Estimates
  • Modeling Tasks & Relationships
  • Schedule Development

Module 10. Advanced Task Functionalities

  • Task Types and Calculations
  • Advanced Task Functionalities
  • Managing Deadlines
  • Task Information

Module 11. Introduction To Resources

  • Resource Terminology
  • Resource Types
  • Setting up a Resource Sheet
  • Best Practices for Setting up Work Resources

Module 12. Assigning Resources

  • Assigning Resources to Tasks
  • Work Resources and Calculations
  • Assigning Material and Cost Resources
  • Resource Planning Guidelines

Module 13. Managing Resource Assignments

  • Resource Graph View
  • Resource Usage View
  • Team Planner

Module 14. Customizing Project Views

  • Customizing Views
  • Sorts
  • Filters
  • Groups

Module 15. Project Plan Review

  • Sanity Check #1: Schedule Structure
  • Sanity Check #2: Project Scope
  • Sanity Check #3: Estimates and Resources
  • Sanity Check #4: Estimates and Resources

Module 16. Statusing Your Project

  • Baselines
  • Statusing Basics
  • Applying Actual Work with Statusing Methods

Module 17. Tracking Project Performance

  • Viewing Status
  • Reporting Status
  • Applying Earned Value
  • Getting Back on Track

Module 18. Format and Customize

  • Advanced Formatting
  • The Organizer
  • Making Macros

Module 19. Create Master Project Files

  • Importing and Exporting Project Data
  • Managing Multiple Projects
  • Sharing Resources Across Projects

Download Course Outline (PDF)

There are no prerequisites to take this course. This course must be taken on a PC. Macs are not compatible.

Instructional materials required for this course are included in enrollment. The following textbooks will be shipped to you approximately 7-10 business days after enrollment: Mastering Project 2019 StepByStep

There is no certification exam associated with this program. However, PMI PDUs will be issued to you when you successfully complete the course.

Students are supported by both an assigned instructor and assigned advisor throughout the duration of the course. Students receive contact information for both upon enrollment and all communication is handled via email. Students should allow up to two business days for responses.

Hardware Requirements

  • This course can be taken on a PC. A Mac OS is not compatible.
  • Webcams are strongly recommended.

Software Requirements

  • PC: Windows 10 or later
  • Browser: The latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are preferred. Microsoft Edge is also compatible
  • Microsoft Project 2019 (not included in enrollment)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the Acrobat Reader.
  • Software must be installed and fully operational before the course begins.


  • Email capabilities and access to a personal email account.

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