Center for GIS (CGIS)

We work collaboratively with partners to identify, analyze, and better understand data to enhance information access, deliver new insights, and utilize technology to inform business challenges and decisions.

We provide a full range of application development services, geospatial data development and analysis, and tailored GIS training.


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About CGIS

We believe in the power of GIS technology to answer complex questions and continually work to extend the accessibility and value derived from GIS technology. We work to: 

  • Make GIS technology accessible and relevant 
  • Empower our clients to use our geospatial solutions independently of our assistance 
  • Build and promote a vibrant GIS ecosystem  

CGIS is staffed with a team of highly qualified technologists who produce products and services that are both useful and technically sound. We work cohesively as equals and commit our energy toward collaborative, creative work. We are proud of the quality of our work and believe that the results of our work can and should contribute to the greater good.

In 1992, under the direction of Dr. John M. Morgan, III, Towson University’s Department of Geography and Environmental Planning GIS Lab became the Center for Geographic Information Sciences (CGIS), a professionally staffed business unit devoted to serving the rapidly growing need for applied GIS services.

As Maryland’s geospatial efforts advance and mature, so do our relationships.

Maryland's Geographic Information Office

In our continuing efforts to promote collaboration and coordination in the state of Maryland, Towson University works closely with Maryland’s Geographic Information Office to support GIS activities of state agencies, including professional development and training services.


CGIS works with the all-volunteer Maryland State Geographic Information Committee (MSGIC) on several National Spatial Data Infrastructure Cooperative Agreement Program projects to coordinate the development and delivery of geospatial resources in Maryland, the region, and nationally.

Department of Information Technology

CGIS provides support on a number of initiatives that serve Maryland's residents by working with Maryland’s Geospatial Information Officer, within the Department of Information Technology (DoIT).

TUgis: Maryland's Geospatial Conference

TUgis is the largest gathering of GIS professionals in the region. TUgis: Maryland's Geospatial Conference is a cooperative undertaking of MSGIC, DoIT, and Towson University.