Neighborhood Relations

Towson University is a community resource, destination and entertainment hub. By sharing relevant information and news, Towson fosters good neighbor relations with Greater Towson businesses, non-profits, and neighborhood associations.

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Our Community Pledge

Towson University is committed to serving our greater community through our academic mission and the expertise of our faculty, staff and students. By creating a welcoming environment  with our numerous academic, athletics, arts and community engagement opportunities throughout the year, we want our neighbors to consider the campus both a destination and a hub.

TU follows guidelines regarding sound and lighting and construction and renovation, that accommodate our vibrant and growing campus community, while remaining mindful of the neighborhoods which we are a part.

The Office of the President, in cooperation with all of the institution's divisions and departments, takes the lead in fostering community relations and openly communicating with the greater Towson community, and in particular the neighborhood associations, non-profits, and businesses surrounding and contiguous to the campus. 


Neighborhood Relations Meetings

The President's Office staff participates in the Towson Communities Alliance meetings, held every 3rd Thursday.  

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