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Towson University and community leaders work collaboratively to foster good neighbor relations by sharing resources and information on a regular basis. 



Code of Student Conduct

Purpose Statement: Towson University 's mission to the community at large is one of academic excellence and achievement. To that end, its campus community must be one wherein respect for the individual pursuit of academic excellence and achievement is given priority. In order to foster this environment, it is incumbent upon students to conduct themselves within the framework of the reasonable rules and regulations designed to enhance and protect the academic environment of the university. By specifying behavioral standards and by establishing fair and efficient processes for adjudicating conflict, the university seeks to protect the environment in which learning is nurtured and respect for that goal is continually afforded. Read the Code of Student Conduct.

Off-Campus Disruptive and Disorderly Behavior Policy

Under the provisions of the Code of Student Conduct, Towson University (“University’) may bring charges against a student or group of students whose “off-campus actions affect the University community or the University’s pursuit of its mission, policies or procedures.” (Code of Student Conduct, section C. Scope, #1) Offcampus behavior which is disorderly, disruptive or harmful to others in the community or the neighborhoods surrounding the University is also subject to discipline. Off-campus actions subject to discipline under this Policy shall be referred to collectively as “off campus misconduct.” Read the Policy

Local Address Policy

Towson University (the “University”) requires all students to provide both a current local address and a permanent address. This information must be updated each semester and within 15 days of a change of address to assist the University in locating students in case of emergency and in contacting them when necessary and appropriate to conduct University business. Read the Policy


Enrollment and Housing Statistics *

Fall Student Enrollment Numbers
Total Towson University Enrollment (headcount):
*part-time, full-time undergraduate and graduate  
On-campus Enrollment:

Off-Campus Enrollment

(satellite centers, and remote learning):

Full-time undergraduate:
Part-time undergraduate:


Full-time graduate:

Part-time graduate:

Fall Student Housing Numbers
Percentage of Full-time Undergraduates Living on Campus and in Adjacent Apartments:
Percentage of Full-time Freshmen Living On-Campus
Undergraduate Students Living On-Campus (University & Affiliated Housing):
On-Campus Housing Percent of Capacity:

Total New Freshmen On-Campus*

(*excludes 182 Freshmen Transition Program students):


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*All enrollment and housing data is updated annually in October by the Office of Institutional Research