Searching for Internships

It can take a 3-6 months to find, apply for, and be accepted into an internship program. 

Student working on computer in lab

Organizations recruit for summer internships as early as the fall prior to get a head start on identifying top candidates. Search early and often to stay informed of opportunities you don’t want to miss out on!

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you in the internship search:

Step 1: Identify what you are searching for

Consider the following questions to help narrow down your search:

  • When do you want to complete the internship?
  • Can you afford an unpaid internship?
  • Where can you realistically travel?
  • Is transportation a concern? There may be On-Campus Internships
  • Creating an Environment for a Successful Remote/Virtual Environment (PDF)
  • When your schedule or finances limit your options, consider a Virtual Internship – A virtual internship is a form of experiential learning not bound by time, a physical location or space. Remote by definition, a virtual internship allows you to expand cultural competencies by experiencing global work spaces out of your time zone and perhaps out of your comfort zone! Develop in-demand skills such as internet and digital literacy; time and project management; organization; project and task performance; self-motivation and direction; problem-solving; and communication across multiple platforms. 
  • Looking to travel more this summer? Consider an Internship Abroad
  • Will you be requesting academic credit for YOUR internship? This may limit YOUR options. Check out Receiving Academic Credit for more information.

Step 2: Register for Handshake

Employers from all over the country post on Handshake.

  • Log in to Handshake using your Towson University NetID and password
  • Filter your internship search by major, organization, location, paid vs. unpaid, those that accept OPT/CPT and even specific keywords. Here are some additional tips:
  • In the filters navigation, type in “remote” under “other”
  • Include “internship,” “experiential learning” “fellowship” and “cooperative education” as job types
  • Use key words from the type of position description you are seeking
  • Limit the number of filters you use in any single search; too many filters may cut possible positions from your list!
  • Location defaults to 50 miles, reduce the radius if you’d prefer a smaller location search area
  • Sort by expiration date so you see the job postings that are about to expire first!
  • Can’t afford to take an unpaid internship? Mark the “paid roles only” box
  • Favorite the internships you would like to apply to, and set email alerts to be notified when new internships meeting your search criteria are posted
  • Explore Handshake Reviews to see what past interns have thought about their experience at your targeted companies

Step 3: Search Online

  • When searching, make sure to exercise caution and common sense
  • Review these tips on Avoiding Job Scams
  • Check out Career Resources by Major for a list of major specific internship websites that may be applicable for your career field
  • Explore Internships Profiles for a list of organizations where other students have interned
  • See a company you like? Explore the company website to see if it lists any current openings or offers an ongoing internship program.

Step 4: Register for Upcoming Career Events

  • Register for and explore events on Handshake. Go to the “Events” tab to search for TU job and career fairs. You also can search for external job and career fair opportunities, which are noted with “(Non-TU Event)” in the title.
  • The Career Center hosts two Career and Internship Fairs in the fall and spring with 200+ employers at each event

Step 5: Tap Into your Network

Did you know that 70% of jobs are found through networking?

  • Who do you know that may have an internship opportunity? Consider faculty, family, friends, and alumni. Develop a “prospects” list and explore their connections.
  • Visit Networking & Information Interviewing for more information on LinkedIn and connecting with professionals
  • Search for Towson University alumni on LinkedIn to see what they are currently doing for work and where they interned
  • Search Towson University > Click Alumni > Filter by Major, Company, Location, Grad date, and Skills
  • Need help? Schedule an appointment with a career coach/counselor via Handshake

Step 6: Schedule an appointment with the Career Center 

  • When in doubt, schedule a 30-minute internship search strategies  appointment with a career coach/counselor via Handshake
  • We have a team of experienced staff that can assist you in your search