Short-Term Experiences

Still deciding on your major or a direction for your career? Short-term experiences allow you to explore career options, consider career pathways, and gain some in-demand skills and experience without committing a full semester of your time.


Learn directly from leading companies and gain valuable career skills by completing virtual work experience programs on Forage, including:

Then showcase your participation in virtual work experience programs on your resume and LinkedIn by following Forage's Referencing Policy (PDF).

Job Shadowing

By shadowing a professional for a few hours, a day, or as much as a week, through Tiger L.E.A.P. you Learn, Experience, Apply and Practice a slice of life in a particular industry.

Learn more about One-Day Internships.


Gain in-demand skills and experience and earn while you learn through these paid professional projects, typically five to 40 hours long.

Find a Micro-Internship.

Additional Resource:

Doing Good

Apply and sharpen your skills in the nonprofit sector while helping to support and strengthen the mission of an agency in the social good ecosystem.

Find a volunteer project through Catchafire.


Entrepreneurs, this one’s for you! Demonstrate your creativity and problem solving abilities by taking on challenges through this crowd sourcing platform.

Find a challenge through MindSumo.