Career Ready Skills

Employers want YOU…to be career ready. Sounds obvious, but what does that really mean? Beyond developing course-based knowledge in your field of study, beyond a solid GPA, employers want to know you’ll be able to perform on the job. Regardless of industry or job function, organizations are demanding a common set of competencies from college students and recent graduates:

Know It. Grow It. Show It.

Learn more about what each competency entails, uncover strategies for developing these skills while you’re at TU, and see examples of how to communicate your competencies with employers. Students who develop and can articulate their in-demand competencies have a clear advantage in the job market. Use this resource to gain your competitive edge!

*Based on Career Readiness Competencies developed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and elements adapted with permission from the Clemson University Center for Career and Professional Development.