Career Road Map Year 3


  • Complete an internship to continue building career ready skills.
  • Participate in Tiger LEAP, a job shadowing program through the Career Center.
  • Engage in research with a professor on campus.
  • Participate in micro internships and short-term experiences through Forage and Parker Dewey.


  • Check out the events section on Handshake to find professional development opportunities such as conferences and networking events.
  • Research your industries of interest to determine cultural norms and trends.
  • Build cultural competency while studying abroad.
  • Determine whether the next step for you is full-time employment, graduate studies, or another avenue.
  • Apply for cultural competency grant and expand knowledge of social justice practices.
  • Seek certifications through LinkedIn Learning.


  • Make a LinkedIn profile and keep it up to date while connecting with students, faculty, and professionals in your field(s) of interest.
  • Join campus-based and national professional organizations.
  • Attend industry events and conferences when possible.
  • Continue to conduct career conversations and be sure to maintain contact with these professionals through Tiger Mentor Network.
  • Attend Diversity Works Career Networking Reception, Fall Career and Internship Fair, Spring Mega Job and Internship Fair, etc. to network with professionals in your chosen industries and discover internship opportunities.
  • Connect with your career community coach and attend targeted career community events.

Career Ready

  • Take your resume and cover letter to the Career Center for review during Express Hours.
  • Develop interviewing skills by participating in mock interviews at the Career Center.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to make sure you are on track to fulfill all degree requirements.
  • If you are going on to graduate school, identify the prerequisite education and application requirements.
  • Build an online portfolio with writing samples, artwork, graphic designs, compositions, etc. to easily share your work with potential employers.
  • Complete self-paced InternPRO modules (Log in to BlackBoard to enroll).