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Internship Profile

Position Title: Support Staff
Student Name: Kennard Boone
Graduation Year: February 2019
Major: Communication Studies
Type of Internship: Data & Analytics
City, State: Timonium, MD
Semester: Spring, Summer
Hours:  20-30 hours per week
Paid or Unpaid: Paid, hourly wage

How did you find this internship?

I found this internship on Handshake. 

What advice on the internship application process would you give to another TU student interested in this internship?

Be sure to know the company you’re interning for. Actually do your background check, and don't work a job just because it’s in your field; do it because you see the potential in the company and the potential in yourself to be a part of it and their growth.

What did you do as an intern at this organization?

I was responsible for daily checks of Toyota accessories, constant checking with Microsoft Excel, and working with the rest of the support staff team to make predictions for the upcoming months of Toyota accessory sales and to correct the predictions from earlier months. I also worked to get more Toyota dealerships to use our website and use our analytics to guarantee them the best results.

What did you find most rewarding in your internship?

I think the most rewarding thing was coming together as a team to work out the kinks we were given as a support staff group. Interacting with the other advertising agency across the hall and learning about them was also rewarding, as was speaking with former interns who now have full-time jobs.

What were the challenges you faced in your internship?

The biggest struggle I had at my internship was being confident in my work. I feared making too many mistakes and letting my bosses down. However, they worked with me and took the time to answer my questions thoroughly.

If another student at TU was interested in your internship next year, what skills would you recommend they develop in the coming semesters to prepare?

I would recommend knowing how to use Microsoft Excel. Also, I would recommend having knowledge of Toyota and their models. As an intern, you should have the willingness to work and do extra work. It's also important to learn more than just the job you’re given. You should go around the office and interact with other employees because you might be interested in those jobs as well. 

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