Quincey Johnson

Lecturer and Director of Professional Studies

Quincey johnson helps a CBE student at the computer in the CBE writing lab

When a survey of regional employers identified strong writing skills as a critical need in the workplace, Quincey Johnson was quick to lead Towson University’s response. “Writing has been a priority in the College of Business and Economics for years,” relates Johnson. Supported by a grant from Baltimore-based McCormick & Company, Johnson helped to develop the college’s Writing Proficiency Program. “The foundation has not changed for basic writing courses,” adds Johnson, who draws on key lessons from his undergraduate days at Towson University.

With his strong writing background and law-school training, Johnson brings the perfect skill set to business communication, law and writing courses. “You can see improvement in student writing from the beginning to the end of the semester,” says Johnson. “As students become more sophisticated in thinking about their discipline, they become more organized and more concise writers.”

Nurturing student writing goes hand in hand with nurturing their personal development, according to Johnson. “We show students the college experience is more than a piece of paper or a diploma,” says Johnson. “They have family here. Once my student, always my student.”

“ As students become more sophisticated in thinking about their discipline, they are becoming more organized and more concise writers. ”

Quincey Johnson

Johnson recalls the relationships he forged with instructors when he was a student at Towson University. “You don’t come to classes and remain anonymous. Students feel a real sense of belonging at Towson University.”

By the time they graduate, his students know what it takes to put together a good piece of writing and how to get answers to questions needed to craft a business report. “We fully appreciate students’ talents and potential at Towson University. It is so gratifying to see students succeed.”