Student Organizations

The Department of Finance hosts three organizations that cater to students in this specialized field of study. Each group provides students with opportunities to exercise skills learned in the classroom, to enrich their academic experience, and to prepare for future careers.

Financial Management Association (TU MFA)

The Financial Management Association (TU FMA) is focused on serving the global finance community and developing knowledge about financial decision making. Members have the opportunity to discuss news, issues and concepts regarding financial practices through interaction with fellow students and faculty.

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Towson University Investment Group

The Towson University Investment Group actively manages an international equity fund on behalf of the Towson University Foundation. The student-run organization offers members the opportunity to apply classroom concepts to a real-world investment management situation. The group has several speakers throughout the year from companies such as T.Rowe Price, Silverstone Financial, and Bluepoint Investments. The group hosts the International Markets Summit, an annual Golf Tournament, volunteers with the local CFA society on occasion, and enjoys trips to cities around the world each year.

Faculty Adviser: Lijing Du, .

Women in Finance

The Towson University Women in Finance group focuses on empowering women and minorities entering the financial services industry by providing opportunities for personal and professional development as well as networking events to create lifelong relationships. Group activities include an executive speaker series, financial literacy workshops, and networking events. Previous speakers have included women from Northwestern Mutual, DF Dent, and the CFA Baltimore Society.

Faculty Adviser: Rachel Gordon, .