Case & Guidelines

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Guidelines & Rules

Rules & Judging Criteria

      • Any student currently enrolled at Towson University may participate, with the exception of PhD students. 
      • Entrants may work individually or in teams of up to three people.
      • All entrants must register online and indicate if they are working in a team or individually. If working in a team, they must list their partners, including their TU ID. Register here.
      • Team must provide both a one-page report analyzing their findings and a visualization of their findings.
      • You may use any software tool to analyze the data set.
      • You may use any software tool to create their visualization.
      • The report should include a brief description of your process and how you came to your conclusions.
      • The visualization and summary must be static and in PDF format.
      • Names, colleges, and TU IDs, must be clearly visible on both submission documents.
      • Both documents must be in PDF format.
      • Both documents must be named as follows: "LastNameVisualization.pdf" OR "LastNameSummary.pdf"
  • 10 Finalists will be selected from Round 1 
  • Finalists will receive an email if they are selected.
  • Finalists will have 7-10 minutes to present their visualization to the judges and discuss what is unique about their analysis and the process of analysis. 
  • No slides will be allowed for the presentation. Finalists will use their visualization to discuss their results. 
  • Finalists should be prepared to answer questions from the judges. 
  • Finalists will dress and present themselves in a professional manner. 

All entries will be judged on how well the visualization and analysis answer the case question(s). The analysis should be complete, and the visualization should be clear and creative. The visualization should tell a story about the case using the provided data. Additional public data sets can be added if needed.

Submit your summary and visualization here.