Live Strategy Case Competition

Put your business skills to the test in this unique, hands-on capstone project proposing solutions for real businesses.

student presents in front of judges

What is the Live Strategy Case Competition?

During the required upper-level MNGT 481 Strategic Management course, senior-level accounting, business administration and business systems and processes majors test the knowledge and skills they have learned throughout their academic careers in a course-wide competition. Teams in each class section tackle a real business case provided by a local company. 

The competition not only challenges you to think on many different levels at once but exercise your communication and presentation skills as well. It’s a valuable opportunity to say you've researched and provided solutions to a real business problem and to potentially present to company executives.

“ I was truly impressed by the high quality of ideas presented by the Towson University students. We decided to hire a few of the students who competed to implement the best ideas that came out of the case competition. ”

Jimmy Lien ’02, General Manager, Cintas

How does it work?

Every academic term, one company provides a case based on a question or issue the company is considering. Students across all sections of MNGT 481 are divided into teams and given 14 weeks to research and prepare a written report and presentation. Teams present to their classes and the winning team from each class section goes on to the final where they present to executives from the company.


Company Case Term
McCormick & Co. Digital Engagement, Popular Culture and Social Media Trends (PDF) Fall 2022
Under Armour Wholesale Business in North America (PDF) Spring 2022
Under Armour Digital Fitness App (PDF) Fall 2021
JP Morgan Chase Commercial Banking Post COVID Strategy (PDF) Spring 2021
JP Morgan Private Banking Post COVID Strategy (PDF) Fall 2020
Howard Bank Attracting Freshmen as Customers (PDF) Spring 2020
Howard Bank  Digital Transformation (PDF) Fall 2019
Stanley Black & Decker Portable Generator Market (PDF) Spring 2019
Stanley Black & Decker Makeware Project (PDF) Fall 2018

Quality Growth for SECU (PDF)

Fall 2017 & Spring 2018

Continued Growth Opportunities in Cintas’s Catalog Line (PDF)

Spring 2017

Regional Growth Opportunity in Cintas’s Catalog Line (PDF)

Fall 2016
1st Mariner Bank

How can the bank attract more millennial customers? (PDF)

Spring 2016
1st Mariner Bank

Propose a one-year growth strategy for a bank branch (PDF)

Fall 2015

Participating Companies

  • Fall 2022/Spring 2023 - McCormick & Co.
  • Fall 2021/Spring 2022 - Under Armour
  • Spring 2021 - JP Morgan Chase Commercial Banking
  • Fall 2020 - JP Morgan Private Bank
  • Fall 2019/Spring 2020 - Howard Bank
  • Fall 2018/Spring 2019 - Stanley Black & Decker
  • Fall 2017/Spring 2018 - SECU
  • Fall 2016/Spring 2017 - Cintas
  • Fall 2015/Spring 2016 - 1st Mariner Bank

Hall of Fame

Fall 2022

Rank Team Members
First Place CASIS Samantha DeLeon, Ian Harvey-Thomas, Amanda Lien, Sierra Silkman and Clarence Smalley
Second Place The McCormick Club Carly DiGiacomo, Noah Hagan, Hamza Mushtaq and Richard Slemaker
Third Place Digital Enablers Dylan Mayer, Taran Thielemann, Sam Ray and Nicholas Wynn

Spring 2022

Rank Team Members
First Place Consulting Mary Cowles, Taylor Gonder, Josh Serene and Justin Williamson
Second Place Be More Caroline Baker, Carol Litchfield and Bryce McPherson
Third Place The Fit Five Alexis Castellon, Amaya Gross, Lauren Novak, Veronica Olson and Michael Preisinger

Fall 2021

Rank Team Members
First Place The Focused Performers Cari Elliott, Allison Gigliotti, Zackary Gottzandt, Ava Havrilko and Allison Jacoby
Second Place Focus Innovators Amy Asare, Anna Borisova, Garshet Hatcher and Briana Scott
Third Place Metaheads Sant Chana, Konark Chopra, Mark Sanino, Adil Vahora and Yuqi Wan

Spring 2021

Rank Team Members
First Place Captains of Industry Jeffrey Aumiller, Michael Gilbert, John Milchling, Alexis Provenzano and Eric Weisberg
Second Place Tune Jeffrey Binder, John Blevins, Andrew McBee and Maxmillian Miller
Third Place Juliett Kaylin Feeney, Tzvi Herman, Samantha Meiskin, Colin Moerman and Hanna Zerihun

Fall 2020

Rank Team Members
First Place Five Forces John Elmes, Nick Gordon, Ruby Goldin, Milan Patel, Sophia Rampolla
Second Place The COVID Consultants David Fuchsluger, Gia Han Nguyen, Kristina McKeaver, Tom Vondersmith, Brady Bayles
Third Place The Brain Trust Jonathan Chase, Diyoraoy Chorshanboeva, Timothy Putnam, Tyler Sanchez, Elora Young
Fourth Place Fantastic 3 Ronel Alegiojo, Christian Cariello, Jacob Giannino

Spring 2020

Rank Team Members
First Place Team HowardGo Tyler Canto, Matthew Lowinger, Ekaterina Missry, Catherine Withers, Saunders Healy, Sabiha Malik
Second Place Towson University Collegiate Banking Executives Sage Aquino, Christian Carver, Zachary Gedge, Marina Kornias
Third Place Secure the Freshmen Stephen Huang, Devin Kirby, Phil Schmidt, Essex Thompson

Fall 2019

First Place Pentagon

Austin Alley, Jadie Phan, Judith Brantley, Shamia Warren, Varsha Balram

Second Place Section 101

Sam Commodari

Third Place Tiger Consulting

Chidera Egbuche, Jacqueline Nolan, Kathleen Martin, Michael Miles, Travis Remson, Victoria Ball

Spring 2019

First Place Well Rounded

Adam Smith, Alessandra Haas, Emma Hale, Taylor Walker

Second Place Roncheros

Alec Bosse, David Blaik, Jayvier Sanford, Ming Chen, Riley Kennedy, Zachary Klar

Third Place SHBM

Alec Bonhomme, Devin Minnich, James Johnston, Kenneth Brinegar, Michael Hartel

Fall 2018

First Place CARTER V

Aaron Magazine, Zach Harber, Jeremy Fields, Joseph Bonifazio, Devon Ruane

Second Place Towson’s Triple C

Colin Davis, Charlotte Berry, Charles Mahla

Third Place SHBM

Matthew Litzky, Bridget Maher, Hannah Mihok, Shantique Walker

Spring 2018

First Place MANRR

Jonathan Finlay, Andrew Johnson, Noah Walker, Robert Walsh, Ryan Waskiewicz, & Min Yun

Second Place SECU Solutions

Rose Bikoy, Austin Jones, Davis Kellogg, Aaron Remeniuk, & Olubusayo Shabi

Third Place TUNE Team 5

Kevin Davies, Demetrios Lambros, Jacob Mitchell, Richard Rush, & Lawrence Swartz

Fall 2017

First Place MNGT 481-44 Team 2 Amos Campbell, Meredith Price, Megan Price, Madison Bove, & Renate Van Oorschodt
Second Place Towson Consulting Group Brie Ferrara, Janet Hengen, Zach Dorn, Matt Mazur, John Goodwin, & John Kum
Third Place Tiger Consulting Charles Kibbe, Andrew Boyer, Merrick Kressley, Joe Crivaro, & Chase Schulte

Spring 2017

Rank Team Members
First Place Pro Team 6 Aaron Stepp, Amber Ciccotto, Bezayet Kifle, Colin Nicholson, Derek Glocker, & Marcele Viana
Second Place Business as Usual Rachel Fredman, Jennifer Hoffman, Jason Radomsky, Ibrahim Magadji, & Matt Taylor
Third Place Common Cintas Blake Maciel, Grace Gonzalez, Aliza Glatter, Kristen Robinson, Marcio Lopes, & Brandon Szapiro

Fall 2016

Rank Team Members
First Place 406 Champions

Segun Adeniji, Christina Basuino, Sean O’Grady

Second Place TRAILS Laurie Brown, Taylor Brown, Sheldon Dipnarine, Reinner Malenab, Kevin Truong
Third Place Team 6 Pack Rachel Ermatinger, Austin McWethy, Joshua Bauman, Eric Winn, Matthew Stevens, Jason Clark

Spring 2016

Rank Team Members
First Place Reach Millennial Businesses Steven Bond, Autumn Hill,  John Johnson, Betelihem Kabtiymer, and Marcus Nejad
Second Place Change It Up Kristin Arceri, Cat Cavalier, Karlie Damato, Kristen Cerbone, and Kristen Van Dyke
Third Place Agents 001 Sam Anthwal, Samanthan Galbraith, Bradley Kijawa, Mario Renta, Arash Shishbaradran, and Zack Smit

Fall 2015

Rank Team Name Members Presentation
First Place Open Doors Consulting Benjamin Huff, Assitan Kone, Jenna Krakowski, Jennifer Yeboah, and Brandon Osborne View
Second Place The Funky Five Katie Booker, Nicholas Budosh, Brady Byer, Jessa Winazak, and Daniel Woodall View
Third Place Team Winners Guylene Ewane, Joe Greenway, Kelly Lotosky, Travis Mays, and Kaela Vance  View