Pre-K3 Program

A three year old is not built to sit still, keep their hands to their self, take turns, be patient, stand in line, or keep quiet. They need motion, novelty, adventure, and they need to engage the world with their whole body. Let them play! Trust us, that's how they learn!

A Three year old undergoes physical, linguistic, and cognitive changes as their sense of the bigger picture continues to grow. Our nature and arts infused curriculum is focused on promoting discovery and growth for every child during this exciting time of  unearthing the possibilities of independence in the world. This program’s teacher to student ratio is 1:10. A Master Teacher is the facilitator and two student assistants provide support.

Program Goals

  • Discover a sense of self through exploration of feelings of others, routines, and expressing one’s own feelings
  • Relationship building through trust, simple peer interaction such as sharing and communication
  • Develop gross motor skills through running, jumping, climbing, balancing, and throwing/catching
  • Develop fine motor skills by grasping small items, holding scissors, making basic strokes with pens or markers, producing recognizable shapes or patterns, dropping small items into a container
  • Develop cognitive skills by demonstrating problem solving skills, observing and examining items, classifying objects and identifying items in a series, recognizing patterns, engaging in imaginary/role play and displaying persistence and patience when performing tasks
  • Develop language skills by answering open-ended questions, developing a joy of reading, and demonstrating understanding of: the alphabet, the native language, rhyme, complete sentences, the structure of conversation and print concepts
  • Develop a sense of self-care/responsibility by introducing the concept of options, keeping track of personal belongings, participating in clean-up and group activities, moving through routines with few reminders, and relying on the self for meal time, dressing, hand-washing and toileting