Faculty Research & Collaboration

We are happy to collaborate with Towson University Faculty and graduate students for the purposes of practicums, whole class engagement, and research projects.

Towson University Faculty members or graduate students interested in active research opportunities should reach out to and arrange a meeting to begin TU’s Institutional Review Board's review process to seek permission.
If you are a faculty member interested in having students observe or complete specific assignments which will require them to interact or assess our children, then you must submit your class roster and syllabus to Stephanie Flanagan, our office assistant, at the beginning of the semester. The specific observations and/or interactions will be reviewed and approved by our administration before courses are invited to the school. For direct interactions with students, we will work with the Master Teacher to devise a mutually agreeable time to have your whole class or individual student visit. We base our faculty and whole-class participation upon the requirements of the classroom's daily schedule, instruction plans, and each child's basic needs. We strive to accommodate every request.

Here you will find a link to our observer agreement for your review and discussion with your students before they attend. All students who attend the Center for an observation/interaction are required to submit a signed copy of this agreement to the office upon their first visit.