Clinical Practicum

The program's combination of coursework with on-campus and off-campus clinical rotations will prepare you for professional autonomy in the field of audiology.

Clinical worker inserts a hearing aid into a patient's ear

Doctoral students begin the clinical experience in the Towson University Hearing & Balance Center at the new Institute for Well Being (IWB) .

The center has four diagnostic sound suites, two hearing aid fitting rooms, a vestibular diagnostics center, computer lab, and lecture and conference rooms.

In the middle of the second year, Au.D. students proceed to off-campus clinical rotations. These rotations increase in length, beginning with a 2-3 day per week placement and increasing to a 5 day per week externship in the fourth year.

Off-campus rotations are available in dozens of clinical centers in the Baltimore-Washington area. The final year (48-week) externship may be completed in Maryland or in many other states across the country (states must be approved prior to externship). The externship is the culminating experience that ensures Au.D. graduates are able to enter the field as competent professionals.