For Students with Bachelor’s Degrees

Students interested in becoming Speech-Language Pathologists or Audiologists who have undergraduate degrees in other fields have several options. For Speech-Langauge Pathology, prospective students can apply to our Second Bachelor's Degree program or take courses at other institutions to meet graduate admission requirements. For Audiology, prospective students can apply directly to the Au.D. program

Second Bachelor's Degree Program at Towson University

Students who do not meet the coursework for our graduate program are eligible to apply to the Second Bachelor's Degree Program at TU. Applications must be submitted to Towson University's 2nd Bachelor's Program Office by the required deadline for admission the following fall. Click here to access the Second Bachelor's Program Office. Applicants must also apply to the SPPA Program, see admission requirements section of this website. In order to enter the SPPA major, applicants must be admitted to Towson University and be admitted to the SPPA Program. Admission is limited to 5-10 students per year based on undergraduate GPA. Second bachelor's degree students are admitted directly to the undergraduate SPPA major and complete their undergraduate courses in two years. After completing the degree, students can apply to graduate school at Towson University or elsewhere. Admissions decisions are made in early June. Students who have not completed their first undergraduate degree at the time of admission will not be considered. For more information refer to the Towson University undergraduate catalog or contact the Second Bachelor's Degree Office or the main office of the Department of Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology and Deaf Studies.

SPPA Degree Completion Plan (Excel)

SPPA Degree Completion Plan (PDF)

2) Pre-requisite programs at local universities

Towson University does not offer a pre-requisite program, but welcomes applications from students who have completed a pre-requisite program in communication sciences and disorders at another university. Some pre-requisite programs in the Mid-Atlantic area are offered at:

Loyola University Maryland

University of Maryland College Park

West Chester University

3) Build-your-own pre-requisite program

Students may choose to compile courses from a variety of institutions to build their own pre-professional/pre-requisite program. The following courses must be successfully completed by July 1 prior to entering the TU SLP Master’s Program in the fall. All courses should be completed at a university that holds regional accreditation.

Anatomy and Physiology of the Auditory and Vocal Mechanism (3 credits)

Phonetics of American English (3 credits)

Language Development (3 credits)

Articulation/Phonology (3 credits)

Language Disorders (3 credits)

Speech Science (3 credits)

Introduction to Audiology (3 credits)

Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation (3 credits)

Observations/Clinical Methods Course (3 credits) - This course must include 25 hours of documented observation with a CCC-SLP and/or CCC-A certified practitioner.