Transfer Student Policy

SPPA is a screened major with 70 students admitted each fall. Transfer students who complete the majority of their General Education requirements before transferring can usually complete the major in two years if pre-major courses and department application are completed by May 31 (with transcripts), and GPA is competetive. Otherwise, students may transfer into the pre-major.

Transfer Admission Directly into the SPPA Major

Because the Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology degree program has strict pre-major and application requirements, transfer students need to plan carefully for a smooth transition by following the steps listed below.

  1. Required Courses: Transfer students must complete the 5 required pre-major courses by May 31 to be considered for admission the following fall (See Admission Requirements for the major). The courses must transfer as the specific courses listed at Towson University. CLEP tests can be used; however, the scores must be equivalent to a grade of 3.0 or higher and posted on official transcripts. AP scores must be 3 or higher. (Note: AP scores are translated into a grade for the purposes of the SPPA major screening only, as follows: 5=A; 4=B; 3=C).
  2. Admissions Deadline: Students interested in transferring to Towson University as full SPPA majors must apply for admission to Towson University by the Janurary 17 deadline and must be accepted for admission to the University. Students who apply later can transfer as pre-majors, but are not eligible for admission to the full SPPA major.
  3. Department Advising Meeting: Students are encouraged to attend group informational sessions held by the SPPA program director in the fall semester prior to the year of transfer.
  4. Transcript Documentation: Transfer students must send official transcripts to the Department of Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology & Deaf Studies by May 31. These transcripts must be sent to the ASLD department in addition to transcripts sent to the Admissions Office. If official transcripts are not provided to the department by May 31, the student is not eligible for admission as an SPPA major, but may enter as a pre-SPPA major.

Mail Transcripts to:

Department of Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology & Deaf Studies

Towson University                          

 8000 York Road                                                

 Towson, MD 21252-0001

  1. Notification of Admission: Students are notified about their admission status by June 15 and will need to verify that they are planning to accept their space in the program by the deadline indicated on the department major admission letter. Transfer students into the SPPA major will be enrolled in SPPA classes during their scheduled transfer advising registration period (January or Summer).

Admission into the SPPA Pre-major

Students who are not eligible for admission into the SPPA major can transfer to Towson University as pre-majors. A department advisor will meet with students during summer transfer advising to select courses for the upcoming semester. During the first semester at Towson University, students must formally declare their intent to enter the major by meeting with an advisor and completing all department admission requirements. Students who enter as pre-majors can usually complete all courses within three years.

NewTransfer Policy Exception:

Students with Associates degrees (60 credits) from community college who meet a minimum GPA requirement may request consideration for late admission into the SPPA major if they are missing only one of the required five prerequisite courses for the SPPA major.  The missing prerequisite course must be successfully completed prior to entering the major in the Fall semester.  The course must be an initial attempt at a course and not a course that is being repeated (including courses from which a student withdrew for academic reasons).  Upon completion of the missing prerequisite course the student will be considered for admission according to the same standards as all other admitted students.  See the admissions page for specific requirements.  For further information, please contact the department.