Clinician-Administrator Transition Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

The most successful health care organizations are led by strong managers and administrators. If you are a clinical health care professional or clinical support staff interested in a career in administration or management, this certificate can help you transition into a leadership role.

Clinical health care professionals and clinical support staff can gain an advantage in the dynamic health care market with additional coursework offered through the Clinician-Administrator Transition Post-Baccalaureate Certificate. Learn to provide excellent leadership and the day-to-day management in today’s changing health care environment. The program emphasizes the practical application of administrative theory to health care. View the certificate requirements in the Graduate Catalog.

Graduates frequently find policy and leadership positions in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, health agencies, outpatient centers and other health care settings, or are promoted within their existing settings.

Build Your Skill Set

The CAT program emphasizes the practical application of administrative theory to health care settings. Students who complete the CAT certificate will demonstrate:

  • knowledge of leadership and strategic management strategies for high-performing health care organizations;
  • skills in financial management and reimbursement strategies for health care organizations;
  • ability to build, facilitate and support diverse, interdisciplinary teams;
  • knowledge of recruitment and retention techniques for health care workforce management;
  • ability to apply metrics and tools used in health care quality and safety practices.

Why Towson University?

Convenient Course Work

If the demands of work and home are a concern, all courses are offered online to better meet the needs of working professionals with busy schedules.

A Competitive Edge

This program will give you a clinical and managerial edge in your field. With a faculty of experienced and highly trained professionals, you will learn the latest developments in the theory and practice of managing health care settings, supervising staff and developing health programs and policy.

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