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We’re proud of our kinesiology graduates and encourage all alumni to stay in touch, get engaged and give back to the college. 

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Michael Yiallourides, Exercise Science

Michael Y

Michael graduated from the Department of Kinesiology at TU in 2012 as an Exercise Science major. When he first came to TU, he did not know what doors his degree and his major could open, and what they might lead to. “What I enjoyed most about the program was the whole curriculum being for lack of a better term, well rounded. I learned more about the flexibility of what an Exercise Science degree could turn into."

After earning his master’s degree in Orthotics & Prosthetics (O&P) at the University of Pittsburgh in 2015, Michael became a certified Prosthetist & Orthotist, and is now working at a private clinic in Essex, New Jersey. He sees patients for both specialties. Prosthetics refers to prosthetic limbs, primarily legs for amputees. Orthotics refers to orthopedic bracings. Michael said that the best part about what he does now is seeing the looks on his patients’ faces when he is able to give them their new prostheses. The feeling that he gets by giving someone the ability to do something that they could not do before is definitely very rewarding.

“The biggest advice for students in TU Kinesiology and Exercise Science, specifically, is just to get experience.  Diversify whatever experience you can get. You're inevitably going to run into that population along the way, and it gives you a broader base, and a wider foundation of knowledge for when you're in the field, working whatever aspect. Getting in-person experience, that's my best advice.”

Colby Unkle, Physical Education Teacher Education 

Colby Unkle

Colby Unkle graduated as a Physical Education Teacher from Towson University’s Department of Kinesiology in 2018. The idea of being a physical educator came naturally to Colby as she grew up participating in sports and physical activity, representing TU in Lacrosse during here time here. However, it was her interest in helping young people especially learn about and participate in physical activity that led her to major in the Department of Kinesiology’s Physical Education Teacher Education program, where she learned and applied foundational knowledge and skills of classroom management, planning, instruction, and assessment necessary to drive a quality physical education program.

Her passion for promoting physically active lifestyles has led to what is now a successful educational career at Parkville High School here in Baltimore County. She currently teaches fitness foundations and mastery, aerobics, and body conditioning and health. For Colby, the most rewarding part of her job is facilitating students to learn about and engage with physical activity collaboratively while also developing broader life skills through movement and exercise.

Reflecting her willingness to share her knowledge and expertise in physical education with her own students and others, today Colby serves as a mentor to current pre-service teachers here at TU while out on school placement: “My advice for an undergraduate student is to be involved as much as possible in your internships. Take that time to try and find your teaching and management styles so that way when you have your own classroom, you will have an idea of what to do. Most importantly, it is 100% okay to make mistakes – that is how you learn!” 

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