For Prospective Students

Students desiring to major in athletic training are admitted to the “Pre-Athletic Training” program. During their first term at Towson, all Pre-AT students will meet with the coordinator of the Athletic Training Program (ATP), who will explain and review the requirements for admission into the ATP.

During the Pre-AT program, students will need to complete several requirements to be considered for admission to the ATP. At the completion of the Pre-AT program, students seeking admission into the athletic training major are required to have completed the following courses:

BIOL  191         Introductory Biology for the Health Professions (4)
PSYC  101         Introduction to Psychology (3)
KNES  235        Individualized Fitness (3)
KNES  291        Introduction to Athletic Training (3)
HLTH  103       EMC, First Aid, and Safety (3)

These courses are used to calculate the Prerequisite Courses Grade Point Average (GPA).

The Pre-AT student will make formal application, which includes all of the materials stated below, to the coordinator of the ATP no later than the second Friday in May.

  • Official transcripts
  • Directed observation hours
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Essay
  • Clinical Skills Worksheet 

Prospective students must also submit the following materials as part of the screening procedure:

  • Program application (including personal statement)
  • Signed technical standards verifying that, with appropriate accommodation, they meet the technical standards for an entry-level athletic trainer
  • Verification of health status form (signed by the applicant’s health care provider).

Several criteria are evaluated as part of the admission process in accepting students into the ATP and students must also meet the technical standards set forth by the ATP for admission to this program.

ATP Admissions Guidelines

Transfer Students

Transfer students must submit an official copy of their transcript to show completion of equivalent course work at their previous institutions. Students transferring to the Athletic Training Program need to provide documentation that they have satisfied the clinical competencies and proficiencies addressed in KNES 291. Students need to provide verification that they have satisfied these required skills at the sending institution under the direction of a Towson University-approved clinical instructor. If verification is not available, the student will meet with the Director of the ATP and work through the checklist. If the student has not been exposed to, and evaluated in, these proficiencies, the student will need to complete KNES 291 at Towson University.

Students planning to transfer into this program are encouraged to utilize the transfer planning and course equivalency resources available through the Transfer Student Center. Because appropriate transfer course selection is an important component of timely degree completion, we highly encourage transfer students to contact the TSC early in their undergraduate studies. Early transfer planning can help ensure a seamless transfer experience and reduce the likelihood of delayed graduation.

Athletic Training Coordinator 

Dr. Emily Hildebrand