Frequently Asked Questions

Does Towson offer an online RN to BS option?
The degree completion option is a primarily online option. Approximately 90% of the curriculum is offered online. Only one nursing course, NURS 489 Degree Completion Practicum, requires face-to-face participation.

I prefer face-to-face courses. Is it possible to complete the entire option in-person?
You may choose to take face-to-face courses for the two required upper-level electives, and the practicum course is required to be face-to-face. Otherwise, it is not likely that you can complete all nursing courses in person. Due to a growing interest in online courses and the needs of working nurses, 90% of the degree completion curriculum is offered online.

While some courses may be offered in a face-to-face or hybrid (50% online) format, seats in these course formats are typically reserved first for basic/pre-licensure students. Enrollment in face-to-face courses for degree completion students cannot be guaranteed.

Is there a weekend or night option?

Night and weekend offerings are not an option at this time.

Am I guaranteed courses in a preferred format or location?
Student preference for course format and location cannot be guaranteed. As stated previously, most courses are only offered online. Any request for enrollment in a face-to-face or hybrid section of a course will be considered on a space-available basis and is not guaranteed to be approved.

Students are required to interact with their advisor each term for permission to enroll in courses. Students actively engaged with their advisor in a timely fashion increase the likelihood of receiving preferred course sections.

If I am an international student, may I still apply?
International students are welcome to apply to the RN-BS option; the program application process and admission requirements are the same. However, student visas typically carry enrollment requirements for full-time enrollment and a limit of one online course per term. Given that most of the curriculum is offered online, it may not be feasible for international students to meet their visa enrollment requirements through the RN-BS curriculum alone. Space in face-to-face courses cannot be guaranteed each term. You may need to consider additional electives or pursuing a minor in order to meet the enrollment requirements.

International students should be knowledgeable on visa requirements to ensure this option is the best fit. Visit the International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO) for more guidance on visa and immigration requirements. Please contact International Admissions for details about admission to Towson University. 

May I apply if I haven’t completed all of my prerequisite courses?
Yes, applicants may apply to the RN to B.S. option before their prerequisite courses are finished. Admission would be contingent upon completion of all prerequisites before the entry semester begins. Official transcripts are required to show proof of completed prerequisites.

May I apply before I graduate from my A.S. nursing program and/or before I successfully complete the NCLEX-RN?
Yes, applicants may be admitted prior to the completion of their nursing program and pending successful completion of the NCLEX-RN. Admission to the nursing major would be contingent on the submission of an official transcript confirming nursing education and proof of successful completion of the NCLEX-RN licensure examination. Your degree must be posted on an official transcript and RN licensure must be posted by the Maryland Board of Nursing in order to receive your RN articulation credit package.

What are the number of credits required each semester and how long do I have to finish the degree?
There is no set requirement for enrollment each term. The RN to B.S. curriculum is flexible; you can choose to enroll in as few as one course per term or carry a full-time course load. There are two courses which must be taken in the summer, and minimester enrollment is available for select courses. You can choose to enroll year-round or take most of your coursework only the fall and spring terms (with the exception of at least one summer term).

From the time you start your coursework at Towson University, you have 10 years to complete the degree. Prior to beginning the option, you will work closely with an advisor to determine a plan of study based on your personal needs, course offerings, and desired time to graduation. Part-time, year-round enrollment is typically recommended if you are a working nurse.