Second Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

If you are interested in changing careers to nursing, a second bachelor's degree in nursing is one of two options offered by the Department of Nursing. Learn more about your options for a second degree in nursing here.

Pursuing a Second Degree in Nursing

The Department of Nursing offers two options toward a degree in nursing: the basic/pre-licensure option for a second bachelor's degree or the entry-level Master of Science in Nursing (ELMS). If you are looking for a career change, we strongly encourage you to consider the ELMS program.

About the Second Bachelor's Degree Option

Students with a bachelor's degree in a field other than nursing are welcome to apply to the undergraduate program for admission. It is important to note that there is not a separate program or application process for second bachelor's students. All undergraduate students follow the same admission requirements and curriculum for the nursing major.

The nursing major is a two-year full-time program completed during the fall and spring terms. The university does not currently offer an evening or weekend program.

Applying as a Second Bachelor's Student

Students interested in earning their second bachelor's degree in nursing must apply and be accepted to both the nursing major and the university. However, second bachelor's students should wait to apply to the university until they have received their nursing admission decision.

If you are admitted to the nursing program, it is your responsiblity to submit the second bachelor's application and complete the university admission process once you are by the appropriate deadlines. Students cannot begin the program if they are not admitted and enrolled as a degree-seeking student. Refer to the Second Bachelor's Program page for application information and instructions.

Admission Criteria for Second Bachelor's Students

Second bachelor applicants follow the same admission requirements, application process, and degree requirements for the nursing major as first-time undergraduate students. If you plan to apply as a second bachelor's student, you are encouraged to refer to the Individual Admissions Policy before submitting your application. This policy may apply to you depending on the age and breadth of your previous undergraduate studies.