Student Success

If you are interested in working directly with patients or want to pursue a leadership role within a health care institution, a bachelor’s degree in nursing can open those doors for you. By selecting a career-focused major like nursing, you are well-positioned for lifelong learning and career advancement.

Student Retention and Success

Student Retention and Success

The office of Student Retention and Success provides support and services to nursing students undertaking the challenging and exciting endeavor of earning your nursing degree.  This office facilitates academic progression from one semester to the next. One of the main services provided include Supplemental Instruction (SI). Supplemental Instruction is an internationally recognized academic support program that offers free, regularly scheduled study sessions for traditionally difficult courses.  SI sessions are facilitated by SI leaders, who are undergraduate students who have previously taken the course and demonstrated academic competency in the subject.  Each SI leader is trained to utilize the collaborative learning methods that the SI program supports.  Students may attend one or all sessions.  Data exists that suggest higher levels of attendance correlate with higher final course grades. Other services offered  by the office of Student Retention and Success include: test-taking strategies, note-taking and textbook reading, study skills, holistic stress management and much more!

IDEA Center

The IDEA [Incorporating Diversity Empowers All] Center is a central location to gather for informal learning and promotion of diverse interactions. The center was funded by the Maryland Healthcare Education Institute as a part of the “Who Will Care?” grant as a component of the IDEA Program. This program was designed to ease the transition into the nursing program and provide supportive resources for nursing students who speak English as an additional language to their original language. Visit the IDEA Center in Linthicum Hall room 230.