Nursing Student Handbook

The Department of Nursing's Undergraduate Program Student Handbook for the basic/pre-licensure major delineates the policies and procedures adopted by the department for undergraduate pre-licensure students.


White Coat

Students must familiarize themselves with the Undergraduate Program Student Handbook (Basic/Pre-licensure Major), otherwise referred to as the Student Handbook, and abide by the policies and procedures outlined within it. This handbook includes essential information for student success in the nursing major, including but not limited to the following:

  • standards and functional abilities for nursing practice
  • program requirements for clinical practice
  • academic progression policies and procedures
  • assessment and grading policies
  • clinical practice and performance evaluation policies
  • inclement weather guidelines for clinical practice

Nursing Student Handbook - Basic/Pre-licensure Major (PDF)

This handbook is reviewed and revised by the department every semester to reflect accurate and current policies. The Department of Nursing reserves the right to regularly update and modify the student handbook as needed throughout the term; any policy updates during a term will be communicated to students via the Nursing Program Community site on Blackboard. Students can refer to this site or their Blackboard courses for the most recent version of the handbook.