Graduate Schools

If you want to enhance your content knowledge in any of the social sciences, you may wish to consider applying to Towson University’s master's program in Social Science. This program fulfills the MSE standards for advanced teaching degree and focuses on content rather than pedagogy (which is the focus of the MAT program offered by the College of Education). Johns Hopkins also has a very good MAT program, and you should consider applying there to vary the institutions on their C.V.’s. Maryland has reciprocity with Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia in many areas. Students should investigate the possibility of getting in-state tuition reciprocity in these regions.

If you want to stay in the Baltimore area, there are excellent master's degree programs in history at George Mason University, James Madison University, University of Maryland College Park, Morgan State, and UMBC. You might also consider Towson University’s Master of Science program in Social Science, which has a history track.

History secondary education majors considering graduate school should also consult the history department's advice for history majors considering graduate school.