Integrated Homeland Security Management (M.S.)

This master’s degree program will prepare you for a career in homeland security. You can specialize in health preparedness, information assurance or security policy. The program can be completed 100% online or in a hybrid format.

Why Earn a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security?

Homeland security affects Americans at the community, municipal, tribal, state and federal levels. It affects them individually and collectively. Homeland security issues interconnect and affect the operational environments and outcomes sought and achieved by governments, businesses, and social institutions. Whether threats emanate from human activity or error, natural disasters or environmental factors, or interaction among all the above — such threats pose challenges that require a professional workforce infused with solid academic skills, practical experience and applied knowledge.

Towson University's Master of Science degree in Integrated Homeland Security Management and Graduate Certificate in Security Assessment and Management are specifically designed to prepare qualified practitioners to fulfill this critical workforce need. Graduates of the program will possess proficiency in:

  • the research, development and analysis of security strategies
  • critical agency infrastructures and their inter-relationships
  • team leadership and cooperative planning
  • formulating and executing integrated, rapid responses to crisis situations

Program Structure

The master's program in integrated homeland security management balances broad-based knowledge with specific areas of specialization and an applied capstone research experience to provide those working in the homeland security enterprise with the skills needed to craft, allocate and employ the human and material resources of their organizations. The program's core courses constitute the graduate certificate in security assessment and management. This program may be completed 100% online or in a hybrid format.

Areas of Specialization

The master's degree program builds on this core foundation by offering students three areas of specialization, of which they must select one. These areas of specialization are: health preparedness, information assurance, and security policy. In order to prepare students for the cross-disciplinary demands of homeland security management, students must also take one course in each of the two areas outside their chosen specialization. This provides students opportunities to prepare for the complex and interconnected nature of homeland security.

Capstone Research Project

The capstone research project offers a practical problem-solving experience, real-world skill development, and a solid basis for advancing a career in homeland security. As part of the capstone requirement, students identify a desired policy outcome (an end-state they seek to achieve or avoid), partner with a faculty member, and through research develop a causal argument about the most effective way to achieve that outcome.

Degree Requirements and Course Descriptions

View degree requirements and course descriptions in the Graduate Catalog.

Online Instruction

The integrated homeland security management master's program is delivered online. The goal of the online program is to provide working professionals the resources and flexibility to be successful graduate students. Via Towson University’s Blackboard website, students participate in online classroom discussions and review class materials. The application process and curriculum requirements for online learners are identical to those for students attending courses on TU's campus.

State Authorization

Towson University is not authorized to conduct distance education programs in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Utah, the Virgin Islands, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. However, residents of these states may enroll in distance education courses if they are in residence in Maryland and enrolled concurrently in face-to-face courses on the Towson University campus.

Admission Requirements and Deadlines

View admission requirements and deadlines to apply to the program.

Order of the Sword & Shield National Honor Society

The Order of the Sword & Shield National Honor Society is open to individuals in the Homeland Security, Intelligence, Emergency Management, and Protective Security Disciplines. The society has institutional chapters, professional chapters, and a national chapter with superior students from schools across the country.

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