American Studies Concentration

American Studies is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to take courses in different academic departments that focus on the concept of American culture.

The American Studies approach emphasizes the interrelatedness of history, literature, the arts, and popular culture. In their coursework students will examine American institutions, ideas and material forms in order to better understand the nation’s past and to shape their own futures.  

What Will Majoring in American Studies Offer Me?

Students have the choice of taking courses that offer a wide-range of perspectives, including literature, history, art history, political science, sociology, anthropology, film, and the arts. These courses will give you a thorough understanding of the politics, culture, and history of the United States and extensive knowledge of its global significance and relationships.

All American Studies majors are encouraged to complete an internship or self-directed project, offering them the chance to have a hands-on experience in an area of their choice or to solve a problem important to them.

What Skills Will I Learn in American Studies?

As an American Studies major you will learn valuable skills. After four years of investigating American institutions, culture, and politics you will be able to find, analyze, and interpret a broad array of information and to combine different approaches in creative ways to make adept arguments. Through writing essays and delivering presentations you will learn to assemble and present these claims in oral, visual, and textual forms.

Many of the courses you will take as an American Studies major will teach you to identify, describe, and solve complex problems. You will also learn to work as part of a team, to manage your time effectively, to meet deadlines, and to perform under pressure.

Since these are exactly the skills that employers are looking for from Towson graduates, American Studies will leave you prepared to pursue your desired career.

Finally, the deep knowledge of American culture that American Studies offers will teach you empathy for all Americans, how they lived in the past and, importantly, how these pasts contribute to our present and future.

Who Should Major in American Studies?

The major is designed for those students who may wish to have careers in fields such as law, government service, non-profit organizations, journalism, museum work, and teaching, where a broad knowledge of American history and culture is desirable.

With few required courses and many possible choices, American Studies allows you to follow your interests and design a course of study that meets your individual career and academic goals.

Careers & Internships

As a flexible and largely customizable major American Studies is well-suited to any career path you select.   From the moment you select to major in American Studies we will begin working to help you tailor your course and internship selections to your preferred career path. At each advising session the Director of American Studies will speak with students about preparing for career goals.

For additional information, please visit the Towson University Career Center.

Major Requirements and Course Descriptions

View major requirements and course descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog. A printable version is also available.

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