Course Descriptions

AMST 201 Introduction to American Studies (3)
Interdisciplinary course interpreting American Culture through historical documents, literature, film, music, art and popular expressions. Core 9: The United States as a Nation.

AMST 491 Directed Readings in American Studies (3)
Independent research in American Studies on a topic selected by the student in consultation with the instructor. Prerequisite: consent of American Studies coordinator.

AMST 497 Internship in American Studies (3)
Experience designed to integrate American Studies and knowledge with hands-on work experience in local museums, libraries, and similar agencies. A daily log, final report, and 90 hours of participation are required. May be repeated for a maximum of 9 units provided one internship is a 6-unit single-site internship. Prerequisite: consent of American Studies coordinator. Graded S/U

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