Scholarships, Grants & Awards

Depending on the availability of funds, the Department of Biological Sciences awards, on a competitive basis, up to eight scholarships a year. Each scholarship has specific requirements as listed below. Awarding of scholarships is based on the availability of funds, so not all scholarships are awarded each year. Announcements of the availability of scholarship funds and call for applications are usually made at the beginning of the fall semester with an application deadline around the end of September. Application materials are available in the Biology Office. BEFORE YOU APPLY PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU MEET THE MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS OUTLINED BELOW.

James Moniodis Scholarship for Returning Major

Criteria: Returning biology major with senior standing during the upcoming academic year.  Students must have 3.0 overall GPA and 3.3 biology GPA. Eight hours of 300 to 400-level biology elective at Towson University must have also been completed. Students should be actively involved in extra-curricular activities for which no academic credit or remuneration is received.

Biology Alumni Scholarship for Returning Major With GPA of 3.5

Criteria: Returning biology major with GPA of 3.5 or higher. Preference will be given to students with 8-12 credits of 300 and 400-level biology electives and who are active in departmental student organizations and/or research with a faculty member.

James Edward Ewig Memorial Scholarship for Academic Achievement by a Senior

Criteria: Must be rising senior (minimum 80 credits at Towson) biology major. Beyond that the award is based on GPA and letters of recommendation from faculty.

Lois D. Odell Scholarship for Outstanding Transfer Student

Criteria: Transfer biology major with at least 55, but not more than 65 credits, from other two or four year institutes. Overall GPA of 3.2 or greater in at least 30 credits at Towson with preference given to students who have completed 8-12 credits of 300 to 400-level biology electives at Towson. Note: More than one award may be made depending on availability of funds.

Compton Crook Award for Outstanding Junior Biology Major

Criteria: Junior Biology major (completed 56-89 credits at Towson, or one semester for transfer students); 3.0 overall; 3.3 in Biology. Students should have distinguished academic performance, research, and/or service.

Lois D. Odell Award for Outstanding Senior Biology Major

Criteria: Senior Biology major (completed >89 credits at Towson); 3.0 overall; 3.3 GPA in Biology. Students should have distinguished academic performance, research and/or service.

Carl Henrikson Memorial Award for Academic Achievement by a Junior

Criteria: Biology major; academic achievement based on GPA and faculty letters of recommendation. Minimum 60 credits at Towson.