Baltimore Community Archaeology Lab

The Baltimore Community Archaeology Lab (BCAL) strengthens historic preservation in the greater Baltimore area through undergraduate community service-learning, civic engagement and project-based ethical stewardship of the past for the present.

students conducting archaeological field work

The Baltimore Community Archaeology Lab is a program that works to mitigate and protect the historic resources on Towson University’s campus. The BCAL works with multiple departments across the university to ensure this cultural heritage is protected, documented and made accessible to the campus community. Towson University archaeology students have access to education modeled in real world experience with archaeological methods and cultural heritage development both on campus and through contracts with outside partners in the greater Baltimore area.

The BCAL is committed to partnering with descendant communities to continually construct and re-construct a holistic narrative of Baltimore’s past that incorporates archaeological investigations, oral histories and archival records. Public participation in heritage preservation, conservation and interpretation contributes to community identity and a sense of place. We recognize the importance of relying on a variety of community voices for developing community-relevant research questions and ethical research design. The BCAL works with numerous community partners and public archaeology programs to make the history of the area we now know as Baltimore publicly accessible and ensure stakeholders have a voice in constructing that historical narrative.

Affiliated Faculty and Staff