Facilities & Services

Baltimore Community Archaeology Lab (BCAL) is a program that works to mitigate and protect the historic resources on Towson University’s campus.

In addition to campus archaeology, the BCAL conducts field and laboratory archaeological investigations for clients across multiple markets and sectors, including but not limited to:

  • local and county municipalities
  • private individuals
  • state agencies
  • federal agencies

The BCAL maintains space for materials processing, sample preparation, analysis and secure curation of archaeological materials. In addition, the BCAL maintains a wide variety of field and laboratory equipment including essential excavation gear and computing facilities. Specialized lab facilities and field equipment include:

  • GIS workstations
  • photo studio
  • comparative faunal collections
  • lithic and microwear analysis lab
  • ground-penetrating radar
  • GPS receivers and ArcGIS Online enabled tablets
  • 3D scanner

The BCAL also provides access to Medusa, the Maryland Historical Trust’s online database of architectural and archaeological sites and standing structures. As a university program, BCAL has access to the University System of Maryland Libraries and other research facilities, fleet vehicles, duplicating services, federally approved accounting services, computing consultants and the State of Maryland liability and worker’s compensation programs.