Through regular annual events, as well as through special programs and talks, the College of Liberal Arts provides opportunities for students to engage with a range of speakers and experiences that both enhance and extend the work of courses.

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College of Liberal Arts in the Fall

Students are encouraged to choose some of these programs each semester to engage a public issue, to expand their knowledge of the world and its complexities, to learn something of another culture, or perhaps to enjoy an excellent film with a vision distinct from their own. All members of the campus community, alumni, and the public are welcome at nearly all CLA events without charge.

Spring 2024 Events

Date Event Location Time
02/05/2024 Israel, Palestine, and the War in Gaza UU 0324 5:30pm
02/15/2024 Anthropology Day LA 3150 12:00pm
02/15/2024 War in the Red Sea LA 4310 3:30pm
02/21/2024 Conversation with Nadia al-Sakkaf LA 4310 9:30am
02/23/2024 Mid-Career Faculty Workshop LA 2110 10:30am
02/27/2024 Moses Grandy's Pursuits of Freedom:
Christopher Bonner, University of Maryland
LA 4310 5:00pm
02/29/2024 Making Sense of America Lecture Series: Pre-Lecture Social LA Cafe 3:45pm
02/29/2024 Making Sense of America Lecture Series: Theo Gonzalves Lecture LA 4310 5:15pm
03/05/2024 PreLaw Society Judge Panel LA 4310 5:00pm
03/06/2024 Amanda Ginter - Sabbatical Presentation LA 3310 8:30am
03/08/2024 Bunuel un cine surrealista screening LA 3110 1:30pm
03/11/2024 Ian Moore Memorial Lecture LA 4310 6:00pm
03/14/2024 Gimpel the Fool Returns to Poland LA 4110 5:00pm
03/27/2024 Amparo Film Screening and Q&A LA 4310 1:30pm
03/27/2024 Funny, You Don't Look Funny: Jews and Humor in America LA 4310 5:00pm
03/28/2024 Using Humanity, Tolerance and Holocaust Education in Response to Hatred: Then and Now TBD TBD
03/28/2024 Aguilar Amparo Lecture LA 2310 2:00pm
04/02/2024 Human Rights Week: Roundtable Discussion: Human Rights LA 4310 5:00pm
04/03/2024 Human Rights Week: 5th Annual Human Rights & History Lecture LA 4310 5:00pm
04/04/2024 Human Rights Week: Human Rights Meet and Greet LA Cafe 5:00pm
04/12/2024 Preparing for Conflict in the Classroom LA 3315 1:00pm
04/15/2024 United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Bus Trip LA TBD
04/17/2024 ENGL Event - Author Reading LA 4310 5:30pm
04/19/2024 CLA P&T Workshop LA 2110 12:00pm
05/31/2024 Mitten/Fair Chance Higher Education Conference LA 4310 7:30am
08/05/2024 Holocaust Teachers Institute LA TBD

Fall 2024 Events

11/09/2024 Baltimore Writer's Conference LA 8:00am