Through regular annual events, as well as through special programs and talks, the College of Liberal Arts provides opportunities for students to engage with a range of speakers and experiences that both enhance and extend the work of courses. 

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Students are encouraged to choose some of these programs each semester to engage a public issue, to expand their knowledge of the world and its complexities, to learn something of another culture, or perhaps to enjoy an excellent film with a vision distinct from their own. All members of the campus community, alumni, and the public are welcome at nearly all CLA events without charge.

Schedule of Events

9/18/18 IDIS Global Challenges Lecture Series: "When Rights Ring Hollow: Racism and Anti-Racism Strategies in the Americas" Liberal Arts Room 4310 3:30PM
9/20/18 "Composing Identities: How Experiences of Writing Shape Perceptions of Agency" by Dr. Bronwyn Williams Liberal Arts Room 2110 3:30PM
9/20/18 IDIS Global Challenges Lecture Series: Book Talk: The indigenous State: Race, Politics and Performance in Contemporary Bolivia by Nancy Postero Liberal Arts Room 4310 4:00PM
9/26/18 Towson Literary Series: Dr. John McLucas Liberal Arts Room 3150 6:00PM
10/3/18 IDIS Global Challenges Lecture Series: "Reflections on Intercultural Ecuador" by John Stolle-McAllister Liberal Arts Room 4310 4:00PM
10/10/18 Multiculturalism in Action Brown Bag Series: English proficiency: The "primary concern" of culturally & linguistically diverse nursing students? by Dr. Jennifer Mott-Smith Liberal Arts Room 3150 12:00PM - 1:15PM
10/10/18 Studying the White House: The View from the Press Room Basement South Campus Pavilion 2:00PM - 3:00PM
10/10/18 Ancient Mediterranean Studies Lecture: "Blood, Flowers, and Frescoes: Coming of Age in Early Greece" by Dr. Emily Anderson Liberal Arts Room 4310 5:00PM
10/13/18 CLA Alumni Appreciation Football Event! Register Here! Unitas Stadium; Dunn Terrace 3:00PM
10/16/18 Eric A. Belgrad Speaker Series: "Titanium in the Arctic: The Geopolitics of Artic Sovereignty Claims" by Jeremy Tasch Liberal Arts Room 4310 6:00PM - 8:00PM
10/18/18 IDIS Global Challenges Lecture Series: "Reflections on Extractive Industries and Indigenous Politics in Contemporary Ecuador" by Emily Billo Liberal Arts Room 4310 4:00PM
10/18/18 IDIS Presents: Kombilesa Mi Performance and Drumming Exchange West Village Commons Ballroom A 8:00PM
10/24/18 Geography by Another Name: "Using Geography for a Global Education" by Dr. Todd Kenreich Liberal Arts Room 4310 3:30PM
10/25/18 Battlefields and Homefronts: World War I and Modern Life: "Uncle Sam Wants You: Centennial Legacies of the First World War" by Dr. Christopher Capozzola Liberal Arts Room 4310 5:00PM
10/25/18 Towson Literary Series: by Jenny Xie Liberal Arts Room 3150 6:00PM
10/31/18 Geography by Another Name: "Traditional Star and Wave Navigation in the Pacific" by Doug Herman Liberal Arts Room 4310 3:30PM
11/5/18 "Moving Beyond Chrismukkah: How We Thnk About Christian-Jewish Interfaith Families" by Samira Mehta Liberal Arts Room 4110 5:00PM
11/7/18 Organization of American Historians Distinguished Lecturer: "The "Immigration Problem," 1917 and 2017" by Catherine Benton-Cohen Liberal Arts Room 4310 3:30PM - 4:30PM
11/8/18 Baltimore Hebrew Institute Program: "Jerusalem, Drawn and Quartered" by Sarah Tuttle-Singer Liberal Arts Room 4110 7:00PM
11/10/18 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Winner: Leymah Gbowee Lecture Hall 238 7:00PM - 8:15PM
11/14/18 Geography by Another Name: "The Geographic Imaginaries of Colonists and Residents of Montserrat Through a 17th Century Map" by Dr. Christian Koot Liberal Arts Room 4310 3:30PM
11/14/18 Towson Literary Reading Series by Eric Puchner Liberal Arts Room 3150 6:00PM
11/15/18 Wing-Chun Wong Lecture: "Machine Intelligence and the Capacity for Insight" by Dr. Marta Halina Liberal Arts Room 4310 7:00PM
11/16/18 Foreign Languages Day Liberal Arts Cafe, 4th Floor 2:00PM - 3:30PM