In the College of Liberal Arts, we believe that advising is an indispensable component of your educational experience. It provides you with the support you need to explore and clarify your academic and professional goals. Learning is enhanced when you work collaboratively with your adviser to plan and implement a program of study that reflects your intellectual interests, personal values, and career goals.


Advising underscores the importance of planning across all four years in a strategic and progressive manner. Your needs and interests will change at throughout your Towson experience. From the first year through graduation, each year has a different advising focal point: transition, focus, engagement and commencement. If you are a transfer student, you will also benefit from advising regardless of the number of units you transfer to Towson.

Each department has developed an advising program that reflects the specific requirements of the major. Advisers will assist you in selecting courses in your major as well as those you will need to complete the University Core requirements.


Who Is My Adviser?
To find your adviser, log into Towson Online Services. SA Self Service>Learner Services>Academics>View My Adviser. If you do not see an adviser assigned, visit the Department office of your intended major.

Meet with Your Adviser Every Term
You must meet with your adviser every semester before you can register for classes. Make an appointment to meet with your adviser either by sending an email or calling. Faculty contact information can be found in the TU Directory.

What to Bring to an Advising Meeting
Bring a copy of a completed Degree Completion Form using the information from your academic requirements found on Towson Online Services. Also, be sure to check if the courses you are planning to take require a prerequisite. If you are a transfer student, bring a copy of your Evaluation of Transfer Credit Report and any petitions to accept courses transferred in as part of your degree requirements.

You Can Register After Meeting with Your Adviser
All students have an academic advising hold on their account. The advising hold will only be removed after students have met with their advisers. You can find out if you have any holds on your account by logging onto Towson Online Services and following: SA Self Service>Learner Services>Academics>Holds.

When to Register
Improve your chance of getting the courses and times that you want by registering at the time assigned to you. To find out when you can register, go to Towson Online Services and follow SA Self Service>Learner Services>View Enrollment Appointment.