Posting Policy

The College of Liberal Arts posting policy covers the CLA building.


Please follow these guidelines when posting in the CLA Building

  1. Fliers and/or digital signage to be posted must be authorized by someone from the CLA Dean's office by emailing .
  2. Fliers must bear the SGA Affiliated stamp; when applicable.
  3. In the LA building, fliers can be posted on the large tan cork bulletin boards located throughout the classroom hallways, between the bathrooms and in the faculty office hallways near the lounge areas and Alternative Learning Spaces (ALS). YOU MAY NOT post on boards reserved for a specific department or, on the first floor, for research posters. 
  4. NO TAPING is allowed to any surface; including perimeter doors.
  5. NO STAPLING is allowed on to any surface.
  6. No hanging fliers outside of classrooms. Those spaces are for course cancellation/relocation notices only.
  7. No hanging fliers in the LA Cafe, area outside of the Reading Room.
  8. No hanging fliers in classrooms.  Those are sound barrier walls, not posting boards.
  9. Fliers whose events have taken place can be removed and placed in the appropriate bin (recycle or trash) below the cork boards.
  10. Please do not post fliers directly on top of someone else's fliers.