Computer Labs

The College of Liberal Arts seeks to provide reasonable opportunities for students to complete course work on computers in lab settings or to undertake course-related projects dependent on the use of University equipment or software.

CLA Food and Drinks Policy

The College appreciates the cooperation of all students in keeping the labs a clean and functioning environment in which to work. Because of spills and remnants, food or drink will not be allowed in a computer lab in the College of Liberal Arts. If a student brings food or drink into the lab, he or she will be asked to exit the lab until the food or drink is gone. If a student brings food or drink into the lab and declines to leave immediately when asked, that student will be expelled from the lab for the day. As a last resort, if a student requested to leave by a faculty member or lab manager declines to do so, police will be summoned and asked to remove the student.

CLA Computer Labs

All CLA classrooms and exclusive use computer labs are scheduled via 25Live.  To assist with event planning, please contact Events and Conference Services Planning Site.

Lab Location Description
LA 1117C 20 seat lab
LA 2101 32 seat lab
LA 2329 36 seat lab
LA 3101 32 seat lab
LA 3328 7 seat lab
LA 3330 32 seat lab
LA 4101 32 seat lab
LA 4114 24 seat lab
LA 4118 40 seat lab

Software: PC

AdobeConnect Client
Adobe Reader DC
Adobe Creative Cloud Master Collection 2018
Adobe Flash Player, Shockwave and Air
Anaconda 3 2018.12 w/Python 3.7
ArcGIS 10.6.1
Atlas.ti 8
Audacity w/Lame
Cyberlink MediaSuite
DirectRT 2016
ePrime and eStudio
Gimp 2.10.8
Google Chrome
Google Earth Pro
GoToMeeting Launcher
IDRISI TerrSet 18.3
Internet Explorer & Microsoft Edge
Klett Interactive Perthes Wall Map
Klett Perthes World Atlas (2017)
Kubios (in select research spaces)
LanSchool (LA Labs)
Lindo/Lingo 18.1
Lisrel (Student Edition)
MediaLab 2016
Microsoft Expressions
Microsoft Silverlight
Minitab 17.3
MPlus 7.3 (program only; email lab mgr for license options)
Mozilla FireFox (latest)
MS Office 2016
MS Project 2016
Notepad ++
NVDA Screen Reader 2017.4
One Note
PearsonVue Browser Lock
PowerDVD 9.5
Pycharm  2018.3.2 (Community Version)
Python 3.7.2
R 3.5.2
R Commander 2.5.1
R Studio 1.1.463
Sanako 1200 (LA 4114 & 4118)
Skype for Business
Smart Podium, Response & Notebook Software (Available upon request)
Tableau Public 2018.3.2
VLC Media Player
VMWare Horizon
WebEx Client
Windows 10 (64bit)
Windows Media Player
Wolfvision Connect Drivers
Wolfvision Connectivity Software
ZoomText 2019  (To be used with personal License/Dongle)

Software: Mac

A through H H Through Z
Adobe Acrobat Pro
Adobe CC 2017 Master Collection 2018
Adode Flash Player
Apple GarageBand
Apple iMovies
Apple Keynote
Apple Numbers
Apple Pages
Google Chrome
Microsoft Lync
Microsoft Office 2016
Microsoft Remote Desktop
Microsoft Silverlight
Mozilla Firefox
MPEG Streamclip