CLA Technology Resources


The College of Liberal Arts is one of the most technologically advanced buildings on Towson University's campus. Faculty, students and guests of the Liberal Arts building have access to state of the art classrooms and labs that feature lampless and filterless projectors with dual image capabilites, 16:9 projector screens, smart podia, and Wolfvision scientific document cameras. Faculty, staff, students and guests also have access to multiple support avenues. 

View Your Assigned Room

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Organized food and drinks are not allowed in LA classrooms.  Waivers are provided in special cases for food to be hosted in alternative learning spaces.  Please fill out the ECS Facility Reservation form for all organized events/guest speakers/conferences even if it is in conjunction with a course.

Training Options

Software Info (General)

The full list of available software in LA and access to the lab calendars can be found on CLA Computer Labs.

CLA and TU are currently on IBM SPSS version 23. It can be downloaded to your faculty computers via Start → All Programs Microsoft System Center → Software Center on Windows machines. Mac installation instructions are located on OTS' SPSS Installation Instructions. Scroll to the middle of the page for the instructional pdfs.

New Software

New software requests for upcoming semesters must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.

Video Conferencing and Lecture Capture

The College of Liberal Arts provides multiple ways for video conferencing and lecture capture. WebEx, Skype, and Microsoft Skype for Business are supported options for video conferencing and are available in all CLA classrooms and labs. Polycolm is an alternative option for video conferencing and is available in two of the classrooms in the Liberal Arts building: 2114 and 2317.

Panopto is available for faculty members and select guests to do lecture capture. Panopto is available for use in faculty offices, classrooms, labs, and off-campus through various methods. Mediasite is the alternative lecture capture option available in 15 classrooms throughout the College of Liberal Arts. Please consult with your departmental administrative assistant if you wish to obtain a webcam or other peripherals to use for these services.

Tech Support

Contact OTS' TechHelp  (4-8324) via the telephone on the classroom podium, or use the CLA Feedback Form (via the icon on the LA computer desktop).

Immediate In-Person Support Not Available:

In-person assistance may not always be available so please have a back-up plan.

CLA classroom and lab computers are wiped every night.  Please save all work to your h:\ drive.

Other Items

Resource / Need Instructions
Swipe access card needed? See your departmental administrative assistant.
Departmental meeting or course breakout classroom needed? See your departmental administrative assistant.
Key needed? See your departmental administrative assistant. Note that only CLA full-time faculty and staff are eligible for LA classroom keys.
Cancelling a Class? Nothing should be taped or stapled to CLA's doors, walls, etc. Please use he push pins outside of the classroom to hang your course cancellation notifications.
Lab Reservation

Lab calendars.

Events in LA Please schedule an LA room through Events and Conference Services. If you require the glass door opened for your event (or class) in LA 2150, 3150, & 4150, please email at least 1 week prior to your event. If you require the glass door for 2150, 3150, or 4150 to be raised, request for the door's opening in the “What are your facility set up needs?” section of the facilities request form.
Classroom Etiquette


  1. Erase the boards before you leave. The next professor will thank you for it.
  2. Log off of the equipment.
  3. Leave classroom doors open.
  4. Close computer lab doors.

Thank you!

iPads in other Peripherals

Please bring your:

  1. VGA/HDMI cable
  2. Connectors/dongles
  3. Power Supply Cables

Plan B . . . if you forgot your connectors/dongles, iPads, tablets, and phones can always be shown on the Wolfvision document camera.

If you have any questions regarding CLA classroom technology or need one on one training, please feel free to email Theresa Jenkins, , Manager, Technology, Facilities & Events.