SPSS & SAS Statistical Software

SAS and SPSS statistical software licensing is available for university-owned computers.

SPSS Software

SPSS is distributed to all faculty and staff computers over the network. Faculty and staff can install the software on their university office computers on-demand at no cost. Classroom and computer lab installations are managed by college and department staff.

SPSS Requirements

  • Computers must be university-owned Mac or Windows computers.
  • Computer is running Jamf Self Service for Macs or Microsoft Software Center for Windows.
  • SPSS must be plugged into the wired university network to receive license and run.
  • Laptops and tablets that are not plugged into the network must run the SPSS Commuter License below.

SPSS Licensing

  • SPSS licensing is provided by the university at no charge to all Mac and Windows computers on campus and is available on Virtual Workspace.
  • The license of the oldest version of SPSS software expires each year on July 31. SPSS will not run when the license expires.
  • The university license includes the following SPSS modules: Base, Regression, Advanced, Categories, Conjoint, Tables, and Trends. More information about SPSS is available at IBM SPSS.
  • Laptop computers can use the Commuter License option to access SPSS when not plugged into the Towson network, see the SPSS Commuter License for Laptops and Commuter License Renewal sections below.

Installing SPSS

SPSS Commuter License for Laptops

To run SPSS on a laptop that is not plugged into the campus network (at home, traveling, etc.), you will need to enable the SPSS Commuter License. Review instructions on Installing SPSS Commuter License on Laptops (PDF)

SPSS Commuter License Renewal

The SPSS Commuter License requires that the license be renewed every 30 days or SPSS will cease to run. A laptop computer must connect to the university network in order to validate the license on a server.

To connect to the university network to renew the commuter license there are two options below.

SPSS License Upgrade Cycle

The SPSS licenses policy permits two consecutive SPSS versions to run on the campus at one time, e.g. version 21 and 22. IBM generally releases a new version of SPSS yearly in October. OTS will make available the latest version each year for faculty, staff and lab managers to install if they wish to. However, faculty and staff generally run the same version that is available to students on Virtual Workspace.

On Virtual Workspace SPSS is updated on a two year cycle. Every other year (2015, 2017, etc.) at the conclusion of spring semester, SPSS is upgraded to the latest version. For example: at the conclusion of spring semester, SPSS version 21 would be replaced by version 23 on Virtual Workspace. Two years later, SPSS version 23 would be replaced by version 25. This cycle repeats every two years. 

Access SPSS at home

SPSS is available on Virtual Workspace , enabling students, faculty, and staff to use SPSS anywhere and anytime on the web.

The university version of SPSS cannot be installed on home computers due to the licensing requirements. If you want to install SPSS on your personal computer you can contact IBM SPSS Inc. to purchase it. 

Assistance With the SPSS Application

SPSS provides assistance for application in the SPSS Student Resource Center. this site has free video tutorials, suggested books and links to a iTunesU statistics courses at SPSS.

SAS Software

SAS is a scalable, integrated software environment that is specially designed for data access, transformation, and reporting. License cost:  $75 and is provided at a discounted price through the university for Windows only.  

Installing SAS

If you would like to have the SAS installed, please contact the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center at 410-704-5151 and follow menu options or submit a TechHelp service request.

You will need to provide the following information:

  •  Names of the individual/s who will be using the software
  • Quantity of licenses needed
  • Budget code to which the license/s for that year should be charged
  • The computer name of each computer requiring an SAS installation
  • Location of each computer
  • Operating system on each computer (e.g., Windows XP or Windows Vista)
  • Your request will be logged, a budget transfer will be initiated and the software will be installed.

If you have questions about SPSS or SAS submit a TechHelp service request.

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