Adobe Creative Cloud Software

The Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) is a collection of Adobe software products. Adobe CC software is funded for all classrooms and computer labs and is for use by the students and employees of Towson University.

Adobe software is licensed for Maryland educational institutions through a contract with the Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium (MEEC). TU Adobe software licensing is paid for by Student Technology Fees (STF), is funded for all classrooms and computer labs, and is for use by the students and employees of Towson University. The University reimburses the STF for each approved employee license. 

accessing software

Where to use TU's Adobe software

Students are licensed to access Adobe software in university classrooms, computer labs and open computer facilities in Cook Library and OTS Student Computing Services locations. Faculty, staff and student employees can use Adobe once it’s installed on their university computer. 

Classrooms and Computer Labs 

Colleges and departments are encouraged to have their IT staff install the software in their classrooms and computer labs for all students to access using the Shared Device License. Installation procedures for IT staff are available on the Campus Technology Coalition (CTC) TU Labs SharePoint site

Faculty/Staff Computers

Faculty, staff and student employees can be granted access to Adobe Creative Cloud through Named User Licensing. Approval and registration are required to confirm employees are using Adobe to conduct academic, research, or business work for the university. The registration list provides a license count needed to reimburse the STF program. 

Student Personal Devices 

Towson University currently does not have a site license for students to access Adobe CC applications on personal devices. However, a limited number of student licenses have been purchased for each college. Each college manages the distribution of these licenses for students enrolled in specific courses.

Requesting Adobe CC 

Academic Affairs: faculty and staff requesting Adobe CC software should follow the request, approval and registration procedures through their Chairperson. All other university divisions: follow procedures for staff requests.

Installing and using Adobe

After registering, the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app is sent to your computer for you to install. The app enables you to sign into the Adobe cloud and install, uninstall  on a TU-owned Mac or Windows computers and update your Creative Cloud apps to the latest version.

Learn how to install on a personal device. See all the Adobe TechHelp Knowledge Base articles


  • LinkedIn Learning provides 24/7 online training courses, including Adobe apps. Use your TU credentials to access free online training, anytime, from anywhere. 
  • Faculty can join  Adobe for Academics. This includes include the Adobe Education Exchange, which hosts instructional and professional development, peer-to-peer collaboration and training tutorials on Adobe applications.