Software for Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff can get many software titles for free or at a discounted cost for both TU-owned and personal computers, with installation options.

Software at TU

Looking for Software?

See which software is universally available at TU and how to get it. Looking to buy software, renew a contract or aren’t sure where to begin? Submit a Tech Consult request.

Installing software

Faculty and staff can self-install business-related software onto their office computer, or request installation by submitting a TechHelp service request. Here are options for installing business-related software:


See available software for self-installation (administrator rights not required) for Windows in the Software Center and for Macs through Jamf Self Service. Visit Software Distribution for more information.

Administrative Rights

When self-installing certain software applications or drivers, you’ll need Temporary Computer Administrator Rights. Before installing software, you must confirm compatibility with your operating system one of these ways: 

  • contact the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center. 
  • check the product on the vendor/manufacturer’s website or calling their support line. 
  • search online for Microsoft's official list of compatible software. 

Remote or Scheduled Installation 

An on-site OTS staff member can install software using remote control or during a scheduled office visit. Contact the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center or submit a TechHelp service request to have a staff member visit your office. 

Network Installation 

Software such as Adobe Creative Cloud Suite or ImageNow will be sent over the network to your computer. Contact the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center for info on obtaining licensed software that can be sent over the network to your computer. 

Laptop Installation 

If your laptop is plugged into the campus network, you can self-install software. Other options are to schedule an in-person, remote or network installation, or drop your laptop at the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center to have software installed, which takes approximately one to five business days. 

Software and Hardware Support and Testing

After OTS installs a piece of software or hardware, we’ll go through a software/hardware testing process to ensure stability of your machine. Only after a piece of software or hardware has passed the testing process can it be recommended for campus use. No action is required by the client to facilitate this process.