Security Updates

Towson University’s computers must be regularly updated to ensure all operating system and application security vulnerabilities are patched. Security updates are part of our ongoing initiative to protect campus computers from the threat of virus and malware attacks.

Which services are used for Security Updates?

OTS uses Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) in coordination with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to deploy Windows updates, as well as third party updates to Windows-based systems. This process and technology makes the update process more efficient, manageable and consistent with industry standards.

When are updates sent?

Microsoft releases new updates on the second Tuesday of every month. After extensive testing, OTS makes updates available to the campus within a few days.

Most updates will be scheduled to install late at night so that they can run without affecting computer work during the business day.

How to receive updates

  • Log off or restart your computer at the end of the day:
  1. go to the Start menu
  2. click Shut Down
  3. choose to Restart or Log Off
  • Do not shut down your computer. 
  • Any updates that can be installed without requiring a restart will happen automatically.
  • Other updates will download and install automatically at 3 a.m. if the computer is powered on.
  • After one week updates will automatically install and restart the computer. This is necessary to ensure that all computers install the security updates.

If you received an “Update is Ready to be Installed” message

If you turned off your computer at the close of business, you may see a message on your computer the following morning stating that an update is ready to be installed. You may also see this message if a high-priority update has been sent in the middle of the day.

You can choose to run the update immediately, or delay it until another time.

Technical Resources for IT Staff

See the TechHelp Knowledge Base article for advanced details of the WSUS technology behind the new update process.