Building Access

We monitor and control key and OneCard access to keep TU safe.

Access Control manages access to campus buildings through electronic security systems such as keycards and video surveillance. Department heads and key coordinators maintain the database of access rights based on conventional key issuance criteria. We also manage the proper distribution of keys through TU’s lock shop.

Key Issuance Criteria

Department heads and key coordinators use the key issuance criteria (PDF) to determine the appropriate level of key or electronic access for employees. Access is assigned based on an individual’s job assignment, not their position.

Criteria for key access

The grand master key opens all exterior and interior doors in a designated group of buildings, while the building master key opens all exterior and interior doors in a single building.

To obtain either key, the requester must:

  • respond to emergencies in the requested building(s)
  • require access to all doors in the designated building or group of buildings
  • require access without the involvement of others
  • have complete authority over all areas/doors within the designated area

The sub-building master key opens multiple doors within the same building and may open exterior doors on a building-by-building basis. However, the key may not open an exterior door if the building has swipe card entry. 

To obtain this key, the requester must respond to emergencies in the requested buildings and have complete authority over multiple grouped doors/areas within a single building.

The interior and exterior operating keys open individual interior and exterior doors, respectively. If the building has at least one interior or exterior door equipped with an electronic access card swipe reader, the requester will not receive a key and will receive card access instead.

To obtain an interior operating key, the requester must:

  • need access to certain interior doors that are not equipped with electronic card access
  • have job duties that require access to the requested doors
  • have complete authority over the requested door

To obtain an exterior operating key, the requester must need access to certain exterior doors not equipped with electronic card access and have job duties that require access during non-business hours.

Lock Shop

The Lock Shop provides the following services:

  • repairs/replaces doors, door closers and door hardware
  • repairs automatic opening doors such as ADA door operators
  • repairs electronic security access devices such as card readers
  • rekeys locks
  • cuts and issues keys
  • purchases and replaces interior signage

Key Access Requests and Replacements

To obtain OneCard access or new/replacement keys for your building or another building, complete the appropriate form below. Once submitted, your request will be routed for approval through your department’s key coordinator and director. Requests are usually completed within five business days of final approval. If you requested OneCard access, you will receive an email when your request is complete. If you requested a key, your department’s key coordinator will be notified when the key is ready for pick up.

Lost Keys

If keys are lost, the individual key holder should immediately notify their departmental key coordinator (PDF), who should immediately notify the central key coordinator to discuss potential security problems and any emergency action to be taken. In addition, if the key was lost on campus, or if it was lost off campus and there is a way to establish a nexus to campus, the campus police should be contacted so a police report can be filed. Charges for lost keys will be assessed against the responsible department according to the chart below. 

Office  $25.00
Sub-Master  $75.00
Master  $100.00
Grand Master $250.00