Student Research Awards

The College of Liberal Arts provides support for undergraduate research and creative projects through its Faculty and Undergraduate Research Committee. In its expectations and activities, this committee is aligned with the Towson University Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry Committee.

Family Studies Research
Family Studies Research

The College of Liberal Arts will provide undergraduate students the opportunity to apply for monetary support to assist financing their independent research projects.  These scholarships are for use within the academic year to declared majors within the College, who demonstrate strong academic performance.

Below you will find a list of our available awards:

This awards program seeks to emphasize individual curiosity and initiative, intellectual ambition, and independent scholarly work.  Stipends of $3500 will be awarded on a competitive basis.

The URCI will make awards of $1000 for a limited number of student research projects. The URCI committee, and not the CLA committee, will judge whether the criteria for application have been met. Please read the guidelines fully before applying.

The CLA committee will make awards of up to $500 to individual students in support of a research or creative project.