Beulah M. Price Memorial Scholarship

The College of Liberal Arts will award scholarships for use during the upcoming academic year to undergraduate students who are declared majors within the College and who demonstrate strong academic performance. 

Dr. Craig Johnson teaching a seminar
Dr. Craig Johnson, Psychology, teaching in a typical LA seminar room

The Beulah M. Price Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student who has declared a major in one of the departments or programs located in the College of Liberal Arts and who has completed at least five courses (or fifteen credit hours) of work within that major at Towson University. The Price Scholar will exhibit exceptional academic accomplishment and promise as demonstrated through consistently high faculty evaluations in the grading process and through the completion of substantive analytical, reflective, or research-based projects. The nature of these projects will be appropriate to the major chosen and may vary in specific form. The Price Scholar award must be used at Towson University and in no case may be used after graduation. The Price Scholarships will normally provide at least $500 each, depending on endowment income, toward the costs of tuition or other University charges.

Students may apply for The Beulah M. Price Memorial Scholarship by submitting the following materials through Blackbaud Award Management (BAUD) no later than 3rd Friday in February.

  1. A completed cover sheet identifying the scholarship sought, the applicant, the applicant’s major, the courses taken within that major, and the applicant’s class standing. Application Link
  2. An "unofficial" transcript of work completed at Towson.
  3. A statement of no more than one typewritten page describing the applicant’s academic interests, reasons for seeking the scholarship, and goals.
  4. Price Scholarship only: A copy of a single academic project completed within the major at Towson that the applicant believes represents appropriately his or her academic achievement or promise. A copy of the assignment or a paragraph of explanation from the applicant may be attached if the applicant believes either is needed to clarify the purposes of the work.

If you have any questions, please contact the CLA Dean's Office at 410-704-2128 or email at


Chris J. Chulos