Course Rotation Schedule

Required M.Ed. Courses

Twice a year: fall and spring

  • ECED 609 Growth and Development of Young Children
  • ECED 611 Teacher as Researcher

Twice a year: spring and summer

  • ECED 619 Assessment, Observation, and Evaluation in Early Childhood Education

Twice a year: summer and minimester

  • ECED 607 Learner Diversity and Inclusion in Early Childhood Education
  • ECED 610 Learning Environments: Curriculum and Technology

Three times a year: fall, spring, summer

  • ECED 665 Curriculum Development in Early Childhood Education
  • ECED 773 Seminar in Early Childhood Education

Elective Courses in the M.Ed.


  • ECED 604 Math/Science in the Early Childhood Education Program: fall
  • ECED 608 Authentic Learning and Integrated Curriculum in Early Childhood Education: spring
  • ECED 618 Thinking Through the Process and Acquisitions of Literacy in Early Childhood Education: summer
  • ECED 621 Assessment of Reading and Writing in Early Childhood Education: spring
  • ECED 623 Strategies for Teaching Reading and Writing: Balanced Literacy Approaches in an Early Childhood Classroom: fall
  • ECED 647 Models of Teaching (staffed by Elementary)usually fall

Yearly Summer:

  • ECED 680 Celebrating the Arts with Young Children Summer Institute (6 credits)

Every two years: fall, spring or summer as indicated:

There may be some variation based on student interest and need but the rotation generally follows a two-year cycle.

  • ECED 603 Teacher-Learner Relationships in the Early Childhood Classroom: fall
  • ECED 612 Conflict Resolution and Management in Programs for Young Children: spring
  • ECED 605 The Arts and Young Children (usually offered off campus): fall
  • ECED 613 Programs for Infants and Young Children: fall
  • ECED 615 Administration and Supervision of Early Childhood Programs: spring
  • ECED 794 Travel/Study in Early Childhood Education: Reggio Emilia: spring
  • ECED 616 Materials and Practice for Multimedia Technology and Learning: spring
  • ECED 752 Families, Schools, and Communities in Contemporary Context: fall