Admission Requirements & Deadlines

  • Must be licensed as an educational professional currently working in a school or educational setting in the state of Maryland
  • Must have three years of professional experience in a school or education setting
  • Completion of master’s degree in human resource development, education, administration or related field from a regionally accredited college or university**
  • College transcript record of successful completion of a special education course (graduate or undergraduate)

  • A minimum graduate GPA of 3.10 for full admission or 3.00 for conditional admission

  • Minimum TOEFL score of 550 (where applicable)
  • Resume
  • Two letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to the applicant’s academic background, professional experience and/or personal qualities (one must be from a current school administrator or educational leader who can attest to the applicant’s professional experience and suitability for leadership)
  • Copy of current teaching certificate or other professional licensure
  • Personal statement addressing your commitment to the profession, caring for success of students and collaboration with the community.

Non-immigrant international students: See additional admission information in International Graduate Admissions.

**See Exceptions to Policy in Graduate Admissions.