Digital Learning Sample

In partial completion of the application for acceptance into the Towson University Instructional Technology Ph.D. Program, each applicant must submit a digital learning sample with a reflective paper. This digital learning sample should show a developed understanding, knowledge of, and beliefs about how to design and integrate technology for use in a teaching, learning, or training situation. The digital learning sample can be, but is not limited to, a multimedia or web-based display of the applicant's knowledge of, experience with, and proficiency using digital technologies.

The learning sample may integrate the following software or digital technologies:

  • Multimedia (e.g. Macromedia Director, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Authorware, Tool Book, Linkway, Microsoft PowerPoint, or HyperStudio
  • Digital Graphic Design (e.g. Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Web-Based Instruction (e.g. webquest, web-based learning module)
  • Web-Based Learning Community (e.g. WebCt, BlackBoard, etc.)
  • Computer-Based Learning Environment (e.g. CBI CAI, CBT) 

The reflective paper should address the following items:

  • Audience
  • Expected learning outcome
  • Integration and implementation
  • Research or design strategies employed
  • How this product might be improved for the future

Each digital learning sample submitted and reflective paper will be reviewed by the Doctorate Admissions Committee based on the following elements:

  • Quality of writing
  • Technology product creates a challenging learning environment
  • Seamless use of technology within the described learning environment
  • Thorough description of learning goals within the activity
  • Appropriate use of graphics, color, design, and information organization (hyperlinks and structure)
  • Selection of appropriate technologies for use within the described learning environment
  • Incorporates current research and teaching strategies associated with technology integration
  • Displays proficiency with digital technologies

Digital learning samples can be submitted on a USB flashdrive, URL, CD or DVD, or access to an online course.